More of Alternative Therapies For Arthritis Patients

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I found the following report entitled: Beyond the Pill Bottle: Alternative Arthritis Therapies which emphasizes the benefits of alternative therapies for arthritis patients.

“Beyond the pill bottle” may have a serious or funny ring to it, but for most arthritis sufferers whose fingers’ joints are inflicted with the debilitating arthritis, they may not even be able to open the pill bottle. I totally agree, besides I am a total promoter of alternative treatments.

Fingers and hands are particularly susceptible to pain and inflammation that can cause difficulty in gripping, pinching and grasping — motions needed to perform simple, everyday tasks. Non-medicinal treatments — from supplements to specially designed gloves — can help improve pain relief and quality of life for many arthritis sufferers.

I mean…we shouldn’t realy on medical pills alone, especially the ones that render you with harmful side effects. The said report enumarates the importance of mild to moderate exercise. It said: use your joints or lose it!

  • help improve flexibility and reduce pain in the long term
  • help keep joints moving
  • strengthen muscles connected to joints
  • preserve bone health
  • control weight that greatly impacts arthritis pain
  • improve your overall health and fitness

And then the real alternative treatments enumerated are massage, acupunture and acupressure.

Massage is an age-old treatment that has proven therapeutic for a wide range of ailments, including arthritis. Both self- and professional massage can work well. If you choose to have a professional massage, make sure the therapist is experienced in working with arthritis patients.

Acupuncture and acupressure have become widely accepted pain-relief therapies. The World Health Organization views acupuncture as a valid, useful treatment for a number of ailments, including chronic pain. As always, consult your physician when considering acupuncture as a treatment. Be sure the therapist you choose has experience working with arthritis patients.

I assure you that regular massage helps a lot. it has helped improve my circulation as opposed to the blood ciculation meds I was given before that has given me palpitations. Also, It helped improve the movements in my knees and helped relax taut muscles.

I’ve yet to try acupunture just becasue there isn’t an acupunturist in my area. But if I find one, I will surely try it out. Of course, talking leisurely walks (in the mornings or afternoons) helps a lot, especially that I am stucked in front of a computer most of the day.

What about you? What kind of alternative therapies have you used that helped in managing your arthritis?

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