Agilus: Ankle Arthritis Injection, Under Clinical Trials

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In clinical trials now around the United States is a slimy clear liquid with a texture of motor oil, potential treatment for ankle arthritis.

A highly purified mixture of hyaluronic acid, if will work as expected will bring relief to millions suffering from ankle arthritis.

At least 2 million Americans suffer from ankle arthritis. And with each new year, more of the nation’s 78 million baby boomers are coming down with the chronic, progressive, irreversible disease that, unlike osteoarthritis in most other joints, is extremely hard to treat.

The company developing the injectable product described above – Carticept Medical, Inc. – calls it Agilus — a molecularly thick formulation of highly purified hyaluronan.

Agilus represents an investigational application of a proven treatment called viscosupplementation, which has been used safely and effectively for many years for osteoarthritis of the knee.

In Europe, Hyaluronan already is used in Europe to soothe arthritic ankles. However, in the U.S. it has only been approved by the FDA for use in larger joints only, such as knees.

According to Dr. Judith Baumhauer, principal investigator of the study and a professor at the University of Rochester:

“Osteoarthritis of the ankle is a significant and debilitating problem for millions of patients worldwide. For many patients with ankle osteoarthritis, there is a significant void in the current treatment [arsenal] that Agilus could potentially address.”

While Barbara D. Boyan, professor of biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech and Carticept’s chief scientific officer, said:

“It is scientifically known that it works” in the knee and larger joints, but there is no proof that it helps in the ankle.

You want a formulation that can be injected. There are a lot of little joints, very small spaces, in the ankle. Think of it as honey. It acts as a lubricant. And there will be much more of a need for this as we baby boomers, those of us before Nike, grow older.”

Honestly, I haven’t heard about this Agilus before I bumped into the above article. Now, it has picked my interest.

If this has been approved in the U.S. for knee arthritis, I wonder how many arthritis patients have benefited from this treatment? Are there side effects? What are the conditions that would quality a patient for this treatment? There must be exclusions, right?

And then…the most important question of all: Is this expensive? Will major health insurance companies in the U.S. cover both the treatment and solution?

Are doctors commonly recommending this?

Full report from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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3 Responses to “Agilus: Ankle Arthritis Injection, Under Clinical Trials”
  1. Tommy Bolger says:

    I am a 40 year old DIVEMASTER, That recently had to give up my dream of making a living teaching people to scuba dive in Hawaii. I am now living in California with no job and no hope of every walking again without unbareble pain!!..Tell me where I can sign up for this experimental program and I’ll be there!!… I had a previous ankle injury, NOW I’M BONE ON BONE!!!…SOMEDAY’S I WANNA CUT MY FOOT OF WITH A SAW!!!

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