13 Easy Home Remedies for Hangovers

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Just as almost everyone has their favorite alcoholic drink, many people also have their favorite hangover preventatives and cures. Here are some easy before and after remedies that you can try to prevent a hangover.

1. One idea is to eat a medium bag or two small bags of potato chips before going out drinking.

2. Another option is to make a sandwich out of salami and butter on a baguette or ciabatta bread. The idea is that the fat and carbohydrates will help to absorb some of the alcohol.

3. Other people swear by not mixing drinks. If you start with beer, finish with beer. Do not mix different liquors. Mixing different alcohols can cause you to feel the effects sooner, increase your likelihood of a hangover, and, if you throw up, even decrease the effectiveness of your oral contraceptives.

4. The Native Americans ate raw almonds before drinking to reduce hangovers.

5. Other people swear by a few spoonfuls of peanut butter. Again, the fat content may help prevent some of the alcohol from getting absorbed.

6. Drinking sports drinks can help hydrate you and replenish lost vitamins and minerals. If you drank so much that you are throwing up, this can be especially helpful. There is some thought that the taurine found in energy drinks can also help with hangovers and liver damage.

7. Going to bed dehydrated is a surefire recipe for a hangover the next day. Drink a couple of glasses of water before going to bed to help hydrate you and dilute the alcohol. This can help lessen the severity of the hangover in the morning.

8. Be wary of using any painkillers while there is still alcohol in your system. Some can cause kidney or liver problems when mixed with alcohol, and others can irritate your already tormented stomach further.

9. For the morning after, many people have their own remedies. Whether these are actually effective or just what they happened to have in the cupboard is up to some debate, but you are welcome to give them a shot.

10. If you have a lemon, pour the juice of one lemon into a cup of black coffee. Drink straight up, without sugar or cream.

11. Chicken soup is thought to work on hangovers as well as it does on colds, so a bowl or two may help get you going in the morning.

12. Some people swear by honey. Take two tablespoons every half hour until you feel better.

13. Fruit is also popular. An apple a day may keep the hangover away, as well as the doctor. Or, try blending together three bananas with some milk and honey until smooth. It should settle your stomach and help you replenish nutrients.


All in all, the best home remedy for a hangover is prevention. Drink responsibly, and avoid drinking to excess.

Try to time your drinks so that you are not having more than one alcoholic drink per hour. And remember when it is time to call it a night – sometimes, the decisions you make when drunk are harder to live with the next morning than the hangover itself.

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15 Responses to “13 Easy Home Remedies for Hangovers”
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  2. Ajlouny says:

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  6. lemon juice and black coffee are very common way to prevent from hangovers.

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  8. angelina says:

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  9. s. carvalho says:

    Try drinking almond milk either before or after drinking before going to bed. It works incredibly well. I actually stumbled on it without meaning to i.e. noticed I wasn’t hungover after happening to drink some the night before, noticed this happened multiple times.

    I’ve read that the Native Americans, Persian, and Medieval people all ate a few almonds before drinking. With the volume of almonds you get in a few swigs of almond milk (which has no milk in it btw), it completely takes care of the hangover. No idea what it is in the almonds though.

  10. very useful tips… thanks for sharing these…..

  11. Hey nathan good to hear that my friend.

  12. JuiceMag says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips! I’ve tried some of them but they didnt really help, i must’ve drunk too much 😀

  13. This is a well researched article. will help a lot of people

  14. hi,
    With this type of cure i have almost left my drinking habit.if you hav some more ideas do post it.

  15. Would not drinking so much you have to worry about a hangover be a good remedy?

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