Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor’s Workshop

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What: Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor’s Workshop (first ever)

When: (this past weekend, Saturday and Sunday), sorry it’s over 🙁

Where: Camden Community Recreation Center (Camden County, Georgia)

The only good thing is that, tai chi is becoming an alternative therapy against arthritis. In this first ever Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor’s Worshop, participants from Alabama, Connecticut, Florida and Virginia flocked to Camden to join the locals.

Tai Chi is indeed gaining popularity in the arthritis department.

“This weekend, you’ll learn how teach an exercise program that’s based on Tai Chi principles; one that’s medically responsible, safe and effective,” said Master Trainer Patricia Lawson as she opened the workshop.

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese exercise with its roots in martial arts. Nowadays, it is practiced throughout the world for its many health benefits. Medical studies have shown that its slow, continuous movements help to increase flexibility, balance and strength.

“Tai chi, like walking, accelerates the heart rate,” said Master Trainer and retired Navy submariner Marty Kidder, “but the blood oxygenation and circulation (achieved) is better than walking.”

Better than walking?! My gosh, this is something I need. 😉

Source: The Camden Country Tribune and Georgian Newspaper

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