Regular Exercise, Natural Arthritis Pain Reliever

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Exercise, in arthritis patients, is rather tricky. It is all about finding the right kind (and frequency ) of exercise that will not be extraneous to the patient suffering from arthritis.

Exercise is something I’ve never done in the past, something that I still haven’t succumbed to until after my osteoarthritis diagnosis. I’ve always been lazy I guess, especially these days that I more posted here in front of my PC than anywhere else. At least when I had an 8-5 job, i used to get up and walk.

Now, as reported by a new study, exercise is a natural pain reliever to those suffering from arthritis.

Debunking the myth that exercising can worsen arthritis symptoms, a new study has found that regular physical activity can actually be a natural pain reliever for the patients.

The study has found that regular exercise, especially with the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program can effectively improve and manage arthritis pain.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program was developed in 1987 to reduce pain and stiffness by keeping joints flexible and muscles strong.

The researchers conducted randomised controlled trials over 346 individuals with arthritis, where they were asked to exercise twice weekly for one hour for eight weeks.

Do you really exercise, despite your arthritis? Or are you like me, that exercise is just trips to the bathroom or the kitchen sink? ūüėČ

And how regular should exercise be?  Daily? Every other day? Most importantly, what kind of exercise?

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