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Pregnant Diabetics

I’ve been doing some research on pregnancy and diabetes. It seems that the American Association of Diabetes no longer discourages women who are diabetic from thinking about becoming pregnant.
Baby and Hands
You should know that there are still higher risks for babies of mothers who have diabetes. But, you can still have a healthy pregnancy and baby if you are fastidious in your care. Close monitoring of your glucose levels, careful diet habits, and excersise, much like mothers without diabetes can give your baby a great chance at healthy development.

I found an interesting online magazine dedicated to women who are diabetic or have the tendency to diabetes and are also pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant. It is called Diabetic Mommy. The site is not ran by a professional nor does it offer medical advice for treatments, as stated on the front page.

Still, from what I have seen, this is a wonderful resource for women who need information on pregnancy and diabetes. It offers a wealth of support for any diabetic mommy (or mommy to be!).

More Links

I am still in the process of searching for great sites, but so far this is the only site I have found that is not an offshoot of a site like the American Diabetes Association site, the Mayo Clinic, Web MD, or MSNBC. This is not to say there are not more, perhaps smaller sites or forums. I promise to root out as many as possible!

For more information, here are a few links to the larger medical sites.

American Diabetes Association

The Mayo Clinic

March of Dimes

Coming Up:

Coming soon I want to talk more about depression, diabetes, and pregnancy. These conditions all go hand in hand, especially with hormones at their peak right now. I plan to share my own experiences with these issues. It is going to be an interesting ride for the next 8 months, hopefully you all have your seat belts on.

The main focus of pregnancy posts will always be on diabetes. When I take the glucose tests in the future, I will be taking my camera along with me. Who knows, maybe I’ll even take a video recorder and you can watch my face as I chug that nasty brew!

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2 Responses to “Pregnancy and Diabetes Links”
  1. Lyrehca says:

    I blogged about my efforts as a type 1 diabetic to get pregnant, my pregnancy, childbirth and some early parenting days at my blog, Managing the Sweetness Within. My son is now 14 months old so the posts are some months old, but the archives will show you an indepth look at this type 1’s experiences having a healthy pregnancy. Good luck with yours!

  2. Well, it’s always good that the focus of most posts here will always be on diabetes 🙂

    btw .. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Did I mention that yet? I’ve been sooooooo busy this past month. My apologies for not mentioning that sooner.. Pictures (and/or video?) would be interesting!

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