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I think I have made it pretty clear that I am not a fan of putting things into the body that is not natural. A few days ago, I got into a pretty heated debate with someone over the recent ‘advances’ in medicine and diet. Their stance was that because of the refining of foods, the addition of preservatives, and other non-natural methods of food enhancement, we had come to a point where we no longer needed herbs and other natural remedies/foods.

I had a hard time following the point of the conversation on their side. It was beyond me how anyone could credit harmful items with the discovery of healthful ones. Or how the idea could be planted on someone’s head that natural things were bad for them. One thing that struck me as hilarious was this statement:

“I would never eat anything foraged. All the bugs and stuff on that food is disgusting. You can grow a garden if you want, but I want my food clean and in the grocery store.”

I was and still am, flabbergasted. Where do people think our foods come from? Everything in the grocery stores had to be grown, maybe it was washed before it was packaged, but it still came from a farm or some sort of growing facility.

I am of the opinion that natural is far better for the body than anything man made. Yes, there are many medications that contribute greatly to our health. But many conditions we suffer from can be traced back to un-natural pollutants in our environment or food.

Diabetes often is treated successfully by a change to a better, more natural diet. By more natural, I mean avoiding chemicals in your diet. I share recipes that include sweeteners like Splenda and NutraSweet, though I do not advocate their use. This is one of the reasons I am so happy to share recipes that contain sugar in lower amounts. My favorite sugar for recipes is raw sugar, though to be sold in the U.S., raw sugar has to be refined further to remove possible contaminants.

This is something weighing heavily on my mind, please share if you have any thoughts on natural foods, sweeteners, or medications.

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