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Author Appearance!

Author Liz Holzemer will be speaking at three branches of the Colorado, Douglas County Libraries, May, 5-8-10, as part of the Author Series.

The topic is Healing with Humor.

Holzemer’s book Curveball:When Life Throws You a Brain Tumor (2007) is a Denver non-fiction bestseller about her battle with not only a brain tumor (meningioma), but also a breast tumor. She is the founder of Meningioma Mommas, an online support group that raises funds for meningioma research and advocates meningioma awareness.

A Tasty Event Coming Up in Boston!cupcakes.jpg

Boston Bakes For Breast Cancer

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is a sweet and delicious way to raise “dough” to battle breast cancer. More than 100 restaurants and bakeries in the Boston area will bake unique desserts the week leading up to Mother’s Day, May 5 – 11. One hundred percent of sales from a specially selected dessert will benefit breast cancer research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.”

Spread the News!

Lance Armstrong Foundation’s LIVESTRONG Day 2008, is Tuesday, May 13.

Sign the LIVESTRONG ARMY petition.

Headline Cancer News!

ScienceDaily, April 25, 2008. Coffee May Protect Against Breast Cancer, Study Shows. “Depending on which variant of a certain gene a woman has, a coffee consumption rate of at least two-three cups a day can either reduce the total risk of developing breast cancer or delay the onset of cancer.”

ScienceDaily, April 24, 2008. New Cell Targets For Preventing Growth of Breast and Other Tumors Identified. “Researchers at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have discovered new targets for cancer treatment aimed at blocking a key step in tumor progression.”

The Vancouver Sun, April 22, 2008. Doctors Turning Away Cancer Patients ‘Inappropriate’:Abbott. “Health minister George Abbott said he’s disappointed and concerned about an emerging trend in which family doctors are turning away new patients because they have cancer or have survived it.”

The Detroit Free Press, April 22, 2008. The Color of Cancer. Minority women find special support through Gilda’s Club.

The Boston Globe, April 21, 2008. Does Breast Feeding Protect a Woman Against Breast Cancer? Data from 98 studies on lactation and breast cancer risk says, yes.

The Chicago Sun-Times, April 21, 2008. Doctors Differ on Prostate Cancer Testing, Treatment. The “PSA test remains one of the most controversial screening tests in medicine, even though it has been around for more than 20 years. ”

The Boston Globe, April 20, 2008. Renewing the War on Cancer by Lance Armstrong. Armstrong running in the 112th Boston Marathon along with 50 LIVESTRONG members.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Missy. I signed up online to go to her program next week.

  2. Missy Tippens says:

    What a great title! She sounds like an amazing woman.

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