Don’t Eat Too Much Meat If You Got Arthritis

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After months of being a lot better (read: less attack of osteoarthritis symptoms), the last three days found me on square one. Knees and thighs stiff again, trouble standing up again after a bit of inactivity (i.e. sitting down in front of my PC). This time was even worse because both my knees were swollen. I never had those before. 🙁

So I had to reflect on what I have been doing wrong. Alright, I do not have an exercise regime. Only leisurely walking around the house every now and then, if you can call that exercise. 😉 Just to stretch my legs and lessen the stiffness.

I am still on Vitamin B-complex and instead of arthritis pain reliever, I have been taking fish oil regularly in the last 6 months. Except for the 1 -2 days in the week I sometimes forget to take these two, I take them regularly. Regularly enough not to blame the lack of them in my recent mishap.

Yes, I haven’t been to the beach lately, but I still do have regular reflexology sessions which are really a LOT of help.

What’s the culprit then? MY. D I E T.

Unusually, I have recently been eating too much pork meat and pork meat products. 🙁 (I don’t eat beef so my meat is just left to pork!)

One of those things when you had too much fish and vegetables, you sort of crave for those that are not good for you! Hams, luncheon meat and sausages are what I have been feasting on recently. Like an alarm, arthritis had to remind me that I am not eating good.

Well, that’s just about the thing that I can blame the recent attack to. The bad diet I’ve been on recently. So I switched back to fish and veggie, later some chicken too.

I have been preaching too much in this blog that a proper diet plays a big role in managing one’s arthritis. I won’t be human if I don’t stray from that, from to time. But I do suffer the consequences. And that isn’t good, it hugely affects your quality of life.

If you do your own research, there is just too much on the proper diet good for arthritis. Diet that mostly consists of fish, fruits, vegetable and non-fat dairy. Just to show that I am NOT making this up. 😉

While I got back to my fish and veggie diet. I am still lacking in the exercise and fruits department!

So…what are your recent arthritis-related mishaps recently? How did you get about to “solving” it?

Let us know. 😉

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One Response to “Don’t Eat Too Much Meat If You Got Arthritis”
  1. Dan says:

    Arthritis pain is mighty tough. This information is helpful, and I’m so grateful. Thank you.

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