Diabetes and Arthritis Medications

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Hands and MedicationArthritis is very common and affects many diabetics. Because arthritis is so common, it is important for diabetics who may have arthritis know about the interactions that can occur with arthritis medication and diabetes medications.

Common Interactions

Low dose aspirin is often prescribed to people with arthritis and other conditions. It can slightly lower blood glucose levels, so care must be used when using with insulin. Higher doses of insulin can raise glucose levels. Aspirin overdose can occur when aspirin and oral glucose medications are used together.

Gout Medications:
Can interact with oral diabetes medications, lowering blood glucose drastically.

Steroids can raise glucose levels and cause poor control of levels in diabetics.

Be Aware

Be aware of the medications you are taking. Speak with your doctor and be sure to read the pamphlet that comes with any new medication. Talk with your pharmacist about possible interactions with your diabetes or diabetes medications.

It is vitally important that you are aware of all possible interactions. The ones I have posted are by no means all that can occur. The pain of arthritis can be hard to cope with and medications can help with that pain and stiffness. Inflammation can be lessened as well. It is just a matter of careful monitoring of your conditions when using medications for both disorders.

For more information on arthritis, visit Battling Arthritis, one of the Battling for Health family of blogs.

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