Cave Days

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cave.jpgNo matter how much you educate yourself, how much you prepare for battle in every way; there will still be days you feel like crawling into the cave and giving up.

You had those days before you had cancer and its normal to have them now.

Rules for the cave:

  • Give yourself a time limit for the cave
  • Get it all out. Try writing a letter you don’t send, have a good cry–whatever helps you express your grief, anger, sadness, frustration or pain
  • Track back. At least do yourself the courtesy of figuring out exactly what triggered how you feel
  • Rest. Battling too long without extra mental, physical and spiritual nourishment drains the warrior.
  • Indulge in something that makes you feel special like silk pajamas, a hardback book, a special tea cup, or a slice of baklava

When the buzzer goes off and its time to come out of the cave- take a moment for review.

Have you activated a support team as part of your treatment plan? Do you have an advocate who can take some of the load on days when you can’t put on your battle gear? Have you cultivated friends with cancer who understand exactly what you are going through?

What about you?

Is it possible you haven’t allowed any you time in your busy schedule? Are you trying to maintain a ‘normal’ life and dealing with your ‘cancer’ life on the side. Are you trying to juggle all the balls all by yourself in an effort to not let anyone down?

Again. What about you?

Get out your calendar and plan you time.

  • How about a movie that makes you smile. You can go by yourself you know. How about Nim’s Island?
  • What is your favorite store? Hardware store? Bookstore? Used Clothing Boutique? Fabric Store? Art Gallery? Plan an outing around your store. Allow yourself a few hours to window shop then go for a nice cup of tea or the beverage of your choice.
  • Take yourself back to your youthful innocence. What haven’t you done since you were a kid? A picnic? A trip to the zoo? Had a fudge sundae? Looked at all the pets in the window of the pet store.
  • Pencil in an hour or two to laugh. How about You Tube’s Best In Jest Videos?

Now that you’re out of the cave…

I have to tell you the cave could use a little renovation. It’s depressing. Consider a new coat of paint, maybe in soothing blue tones, or calming pink.

Have you considered candles and artwork? Or posters? Let me direct you to cave wares:

And finally, from the archives a few post to review:

Is Anybody Out There?

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3 Responses to “Cave Days”
  1. Grin. That is correct. I am just truly amazed how you make a subject as awful as cancer actually creative and enjoyable to read. True talent, indeed.

  2. Julie, thank you. And for clarification, you are not paid to post nice comments like that nor are you a member of my family. 🙂

  3. I think your articles are AWESOME!!! What a creative support you are for those who have cancer or know someone who does. THANK YOU!!

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