April Fools’ Day and Everything Arthritis

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Hey guys, I had another long weekend. My thighs and legs are bothering me again. Staying long (sitting down) in front of the PC is becoming a nuisance. 🙁

Anyways…in lieu of April Fools’ day, i have no pranks or joke. Only the truth, all about arthritis. The most recent, at least.

Volunteer with Arthritis Care

ARTHRITIS Care, one of the UK’s largest user-led charitable organisations with 60 years experience of working with and for people with arthritis, is seeking to recruit adults 18+, to train to become Training Volunteers, helping to deliver its range of self-management courses in Northern Ireland.

Self-management courses have been designed to help individuals cope with the pain, fatigue, frustration and other problems caused by living with a chronic disease.

UK arthritis charity hits back at ‘placebo’ claim as new study links diet and rheumatoid arthritis

Claims that all complementary therapies are nothing more than placebos, despite evidence to the contrary, are hindering the progress of our understanding of chronic health conditions, says The Arthritic Association.

Claims that all complementary and alternative therapies (CAMs) are nothing more than placebos, despite evidence to the contrary, are misguided, according to The Arthritic Association, and may be hindering the cause of progress in the understanding of chronic health conditions.

Perth doctor honoured at Arthritis report launch

THE work of a Perth GP and her specialist nurse colleagues has been recognised at an event at the Scottish Parliament.

Dr Jan Sinclair along with Biologics Specialist Nurse for Tayside, Donna Daugherty and Tayside Rheumatology Specialist Nurse Diane Crake, were amongst 50 guests invited to the Parliament for the launch of a report following a survey of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) services across Scotland.

Supplement to Ease Pain and Brighten Mood

With a name like S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine, it hardly sounds like something to cheer you up. But companies that sell this popular dietary supplement say it boosts your mood and eases the aches in your joints.

Physicians say it shows promise for treating depression and arthritis, but add that more independent research is needed.

Hey, that’s all for now…folks. What kind of pranks did you get today, if any? Let us know! 😉

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