THE HART-SERIES: February 8, 2008 to March 7, 2008

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February is always one of the busiest times of the year for me – next to April and then June – for my bookkeeping, accounting and income tax business. It’s obvious that I can’t keep up with a simple task of documenting and recording all of my food intake, and counting points trying to lose weight.

The good news is, that during this period, I weighed myself only twice. On the morning of Friday February 22, 2008 I weighed 273.5 lbs and on March 1st, 2008 I was back up to 276.0 lbs. The bad news is that I’m still heading upwards and on Friday March 7, 2008 (yesterday morning) I am back up to 279.0 lbs.

So What Is Wrong With Me?

First of all, (no Joke) but in February I was on a 6 day week. I was eating all over the place. If you scan the dates of the pictures below .. the missing dates were probably the dates that I worked all night or, slept very little that day with power snoozes. In my mind – I was working 24/7 .. well, feeling like I was anyway .. and only eating once a day. For the rest of the day I would have either toast and peanut butter for breakfast, coffee and maybe a few handfuls of Puffed Wheat or maybe a Thinsation snack of something like that. Mentally, each day – I would kind of guestimate in my head if I was over 20 Weight Watcher points and that would pretty much guide me to how much and kind of Supper dinner I would have. And, I would keep the camera on my kitchen table and religiously take the picture of my dinner. There was 2 days from February 8-29th that I ate out – once at Palatal Restaurant again for a Mongolian Stirfry and Feb 28th I pigged out at A&W with probably about 100 points (double Mozza, onion rings, large root beer, PLUS a whistle dog). I didn’t eat that day and was a little sick on the 29th from that excess, but booooooooy that burger and onion rings tasted good!

And – working my butt off – suddenly my deadline passed, and my adrenalin slowed down. I was checking emails more. Catching up on my blogging. Twittering. And eating as much as I did in February. Yet, I have gained weight. Also, I’ve been trying to get back on a 24-hour day (opposed to a 28-hour day) and trying to sleep 6-8 hours a day since the beginning of the month, and you know what? It’s hard. One night I slept 11 hours and woke up at lunchtime, which was my breakfast, and still had a quick lunch and then ate dinner at dinner time.

I’m still Not Giving Up!

I can’t walk away from this 3rd attempt to get back in shape, like I did the past 2 years. Tomorrow is a new day. So I have started a new notebook and I’m keeping it with my camera and starting tomorrow – a new day – I go back on my diet, and counting points. Hopefully the weather will start to let up and I can get some outside exercise .. but, I have been cycling in my basement on the exercise bike. The only thing is – compared to how many hours my wife works out a week … (about 7 hours) My 10 minutes of cycling while drinking coffee in the morning doesn’t cut it. I have to get serious on that aspect too.

So, this is what I have been eating anyway

I’ve discovered Pita pockets, and have enjoyed the convenience of having a quick sandwich .. rather than the time it takes to make a really tasty salad. Other than that, I’m pretty much eating the same ole same ole stuff. One day I will come back and shrink these pictures, but in the meantime .. please wait while the pictures are loading.


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