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I wanna you guys to a recently started personal arthritis blog by one of this blog’s commenter, M.C. — Arthritis and Me.

In her introductory post, M. C. wrote:

Well I have started this blog as a way to hopefully find others who suffer daily from the pains of arthritis. I am 55 years old and have had early onset osteoarthritis since in my mid 20s.

I had my first surgery when still in my 30s, and have had a total of 3 arthroscopic knee surgeries and 2 years ago, I had a total knee replacement. I have been putting off having the other one replaced.

I now have It so bad in my lower spine that the neurosurgeon wants to do a 3 level fusion and also clean up alot of the arthritis. This is a surgery that scares me. I just went through a period of non stop 24 hr a day lower back pain that was the worst I have ever experienced.

Thanks for finding this blog, M.C. I really look forward to reading your personal arthritis stories. I’m sure readers of this blog will read them too.

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