Joint Health, Joint Deterioration and Arthritis

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We often take our joints for granted. Why? Because the joints take the toll of whatever our physical activities are. Stress from such physical activities, like just running, walking and lifting heavy or light stuff.

What do we have to do for our bone health? Remember that our joints and its cartilag, deteriorate in time, as we age. Yeah, age folks. Stop the denial! Ha ha ha.

Anyways, what did you do this weekend? The stuff you did, are they good for your joints? The weekend is supposedly my time to pamper my bones and legs. Oftentimes though, I find myself distracted with other important stuff. Like eating, sleeping, and sleeping and sleeping. ūüėČ

The rain is my number one enemy on weekends. It doesn’t fail to rain on my parade. I used to love walking. But it has been raining for almost two months now! So can you really blame me if all I wanna do these days is sleep on weekends?!

Sucks. Big. Time.¬† Where’s the time go?! It’s already Sunday afternoon. Goodbye sleepyhead! Here come another manic Monday!

Well, I hope you guys have a lot better of a weekend than I did. Whatever you do, think of your joints. And your bones too!

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