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The following email, I got from Julia Gaynor. Read on:

Hi Gloria,

I know you cover arthritis on your blog and think this will be of interest. The number of knee replacements done annually in the U.S. will jump 525% by 2030. And the money spent on these procedures is expected to reach $65.2 billion by 2015; Medicare and Medicaid programs pay for about 60% of U.S. joint replacements.

The increasing cost to hospitals and the ever-growing number of people in debilitating pain is driving the orthopedic industry to devise more cost-effective solutions. Now, instead of one-size-fits-many or gender-specific implants, ConforMIS, Inc. has created proprietary iFit Technology to convert MRI and CT Scans into personalized, patient-specific, minimally invasive implants and accompanying instrumentation, which replaces $25,000 worth of traditional instrumentation.

This ‘image-to-implant’ technology allows for precisely sized and shaped implants that reduce the need for cartilage or bone resection and radically simplify the surgical procedure which means less blood loss, and less time in the operating room and recovery time. The procedure also allows for full range of motion for the patient while preserving the joint for future treatment options. Patients are able to return to normal physical activity (we have a patient who is back to skiing competitively 5 months after surgery).

Would you be interested in speaking with a ConforMIS patient? I can also offer photos, graphics and videos, including one of a patient walking up stairs a week after surgery.

I look forward to your thoughts,



Julia Gaynor

Racepoint Group, Inc.

404 Wyman Street

Suite 375

Waltham, MA 02451

P: 781.487.4635

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