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I consider it a great honor to be writing for the HART-Empire Network, but the fact that I get to write about Alzheimer’s disease is just icing on the cake. This blog is my way of giving purpose to the seven years I had the honor (although it didn’t always feel like an honor) of serving as my mother’s primary caregiver.

In this first post, I’ll talk a little about myself, and much more about the Battling Alzheimer blog and where I see it going. So, let’s take a look at the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why, and I’ll throw in HOW as well) as we look at the future of the Battling Alzheimer blog.


I am Loretta Parker Spivey, I use Parker, primarily to honor my parents, both of whom are deceased. I am excited and looking forward to being a part of this great network of writers. Although I might be qualified to write about a few of the topics, I am absolutely honored to be able to write about Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s an important, life changing disease that has implications for the entire family, not just the person who has the disease or the primary caregiver.


My goal for the Battling Alzheimer Blog is to pick up where Michael Davidsen left off and continue to provide you with a pertinent site that will help as you face this disease. I am looking forward to providing you with meaningful, relevant, insightful information that will respond to the issues that you face daily. Ultimately, I want this blog to be the “go to” place on the internet for Alzheimer’s Disease information. I want you to check in frequently for your daily dose of information and inspiration. Yes, I’m the writer, but my goal is for you to have major input as we battle Alzheimer’s Disease. I welcome your questions, email, topic suggestions and comments.


You’ll hear from me at least 5 days each week. From time to time on the weekends, I’ll give you some interesting and inspirational quotes and some resource lists.


You’ve already found me. I’ll be right here Battling For Health on the HART-Empire Network. You are welcome to comment here in the blog on any post, or send me a private message directly by using our CONTACT form. I will receive instant notification by email with both respects.


Because we have to win this battle and together we can! A very wise man once said that two are better than one, but a cord of three is not easily broken. So, between you, this amazing network, and me we will be a strong cord of three. So, as you fight this battle you will be supported and strengthened and not broken.


By giving you a place in my family room. I encourage you to pull up a seat, there’s an overstuffed chair just for you. We are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day; here to listen to your struggles, share your successes, and take your suggestions. I’ll do my best to provide you with interesting reliable information that will help enable you to fight this battle against Alzheimer’s Disease. Please check out our Subscribe Page – you can subscribe to our RSS feed and be able to read all of our posts in your Feed Reader of choice, or even sign up for a daily email summary recap of this blog’s post sent directly to your email’s IN-Box. You are welcome to browse our Archives and Tag Cloud in our sidebar, and I do hope to see you come here in the comments of our blog!

Thanks for stopping by!


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