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Everyone loves free samples of products. I’ve collected samples just for people with diabetes! If you find a link that is broken or a site no longer offering free samples, please leave me a comment and I’ll repair or replace the link. The links have been left intact so you can cut in paste just in case you use a browser that cannot see clickables.

Do you know of samples not listed? Please submit them in the comments. I will make a page devoted to free samples just for diabetics, too. Keep an eye out for a new page, as I will be contacting companies to ask for free samples just for Battling Diabetes readers!

Skin Cream

Diabeti-Derm –
Gilden Tree-

Wound Care

StaphaSeptic from Tec Labs-

General Health

AZO Yeast Pills-

Diabetes Outlook Package/Bag-
Diabetes Publications and newsletters-


GlucoBurst Gel-
Bclear Drink-
Free Snack-
Stevia-$1 shipping to US-


Free Diabetes Alert Necklace-

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  2. Stella says:

    Free Dreamfields Pasta Coupon:

    Freebies and Special Offers for Diabetics:

    Great resource. Thanks!

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