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I would like to publicly thank Michael Davidsen for his work here blogging at Battling Alzheimer in 2008. It was quite informative and entertaining reading stories from .. “the perspective of a forgetful caregiver who has perhaps looked more deeply into a patient’s eyes than some others have” … being that of his grandmother’s eyes.

Unfortunately, for personal reasons .. Michael had asked to resign from this position as a full-time blogger and I have accepted. I will not be going to explain his reasons and leave it up to Michael.

In early November 2007, my own father-in-law was in a car accident and suffered brain damage as a result. Although there is some long-term memories, there is no short term memory. Every day is a new day waking up in a strange new environment wondering, well .. many things. According to my wife, as sad is it was for her father was to have a ‘brain bleed’ and the loss of memory and other cognitive functions … her father probably would have preferred it this way – if he was aware or able to remember. He was 73 and still self-employed as an antique clock repairman and kept his mind quite active. Just recently, he renewed the lease on his business for another 3 years and if this accident had not happened, when that term is up he would probably be renewing his lease for another term and continue to work like the energizer bunny!

I enjoyed reading Michael’s posts here at Battling Alzheimer .. and will be able to take a lot out of it personally. From Alzheimer’s disease .. to the brain damaged person .. my father-in-law’s situation is not much different. His memory is gone .. but he is still an individual.

A few great posts by Michael are:

* Putting People With Alzheimer’s To Work – One Grandma At A Time
* Can Your Loved One Trust You?

Feel free to browse our Archives and see all of Michael’s posts for January 2008 and February 2008.

What’s Next For The Battling Alzheimer Blog?

As Michael mentioned on his last post ..

“I will be moving out too, someday to go where my grandmother has gone (perhaps). Someday I may be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, perhaps sooner than I think. Next week, someone else will be taking over as the writer of this blog, just as someone has taken over care of my grandmother’s house. In the end, it’s foolish to hold onto the pain. Let’s just hold onto the joys.

And we will be moving on. Starting this week – a new writer will be taking over this blog, and I wish her all the success. I invite this new blogger to just start and introduce herself to all our Battling For Health readers and hopefully, tell us a little more about herself!

In the meantime …

Take care everybody!
HART (1-800-HART)

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