Diabetes and Coffee

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It is pretty early, at least here on the East Coast of the U.S., so I would like to share a cup of coffee with you. If you would prefer tea, go right ahead and brew up a cup. I will just sit here and wait while you get it.

La, la, la, oh look, there is a sale. Surf, surf, surf, no . . . I don’t want to visit that site thank you very. . . Oh. You’re back. Hi.

Evil Coffee!

Even after scientists discovered that coffee and tea both have antioxidants and other compounds that are great for the body, people avoid coffee. They say there is too much caffeine in it or quote studies from decades ago concerning the beverage.

Many will avoid the drink their entire lives, citing good health as the reason. For those who avoid it because they do not enjoy the taste, that is a totally different matter. Taste is taste, you either enjoy it or you don’t. But, do not let the small amounts of caffeine deter you from having a cup of joe if you previously loved the stuff!

Power packed Java.

Coffee is a plant based beverage and as with all drinks made from plants, it has benefits from the original source. Four years ago, scientists discovered that people who drank coffee had a lower risk of developing diabetes and that there is a compound in coffee that helps the body metabolize sugar.

If you want to drink coffee to help prevent diabetes or if you would like to enjoy the other benefits of the coffee bean, try decaffeinated.

One More Thing

If you are a tea drinker, you are already aware of the health benefits of tea. But, did you know that drinking tea, real not herbal, can improve your insulin activity by up to fifteen times? According to the research, you should not use milk in the drink, as it can interfere with the compounds in the teas acting properly.

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