Vacation, Stress and Your Arthritis Symptoms

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I have a theory, I think my osteoarthritis (OA) symptoms are worsen by stress. I’ve been back a week from a week-long vacation that definitely did not include sitting longer than 15 minutes in front of a computer — I was checking my email of course (i can even do that using just my mobile phone) and was just replying to the important ones — and I am surprisingly fine.

When I got back, I was kind-a expecting that the trouble will be back again once I start sitting for long upon getting back to work. But nothing. Remember that I should be not sitting still for an hour straight, I always had to get up and stretch my legs intermittently. Otherwise, I won’t be able to get up without help. But sometimes I forget to get up, especially when I am too engrossed writing or reading or surfing the web.

After the holidays, I have noticed that I’ve gotten better. I even dared to travel without bringing another adult. There were some discomforts from time to time during long waiting hours sitting down, like when waiting at pre-boarding for your flight or when I took a rather long walk along the seashore. Also, on our last night, I was just sitting for hours because I was talking to my friends. On the fourth day, when I have really soaked on the vacation and not thinking of anything related to work and had some good night’s sleep, I became fine.

In fact, I am still fine. Even the reflexologist was surprised. She really noticed some improvements. Of course I do remember always not to strain myself. Actually that thought of not straining myself is actually the one that keeps me from doing anything at all. Like walking in the mornings or in the afternoons. Besides, it’s silly walking alone and it’s always raining here! 😉 Yeah…excuses, excuses.

Yey! Thank God I took that vacation. You should too. From time to time. Even a week will work wonders. Just make sure that it will be a week of no worries, no stress, no hassles and no thinking about work.

Stress is really bad. So, de-stress!

I am trying to keep the relaxed-mode as long as possible. I don’t worry as much as I used too if I am late fulfilling my weekly requirements. I just take my own time – slowly – no pressure. I’m just not sure how long I can hold up like this. He he. I hope long enough before it piles up again in time for the next break. Sometimes, I will just think of getting away, just me. You know for a few days without my 5-year-old? That is one thing I really haven’t done in a long time.

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3 Responses to “Vacation, Stress and Your Arthritis Symptoms”
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  2. Gloria says:

    i have to agree with you Eugene.

  3. Eugene says:

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