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By Michael Russell

Before you had Multiple Sclerosis, getting into and out of the bed or a chair was a piece of cake, but that was before you had Multiple Sclerosis. Now some days you can barely lift even one of your legs without some help and you never know when you’re going to have one of those days. Life is rarely ever that convenient. You can, however, plan ahead instead of letting those days catch you by surprise. You can take control and be prepared for those occasional set backs that will eventually come.

Become familiar with and take advantage of handy and easy to use products like Leg Lifters and other similar lifter straps and other aids that make life easier for those living with Multiple Sclerosis. Keep them nearby and accessible as your back up plan for those lazy or weak leg days. Most of the leg lifters on the market today are lightweight, are from 32 to 42 inches in length and are made of some type of durable heavy-duty woven fabric. They feature two loops, one for your wrist and the other for your foot. Most also have a bendable metal rod that keeps the strap or lifter rigid but also allowing you to shape it for your own individual needs. Some companies also carry additional models for pediatrics or shorter individuals.

These wonder aids that give many increased freedom of mobility, often times are designed by the disabled and can assist you in moving your legs around in the bed while lying down or sitting down. They can help you reposition your legs in chairs, wheelchairs and scooters and are invaluable in transferring from chair to wheelchair to scooter or bed and back again.

The prices of these little miracle workers range from $10.95 to $16.99. Be sure to do your own comparative shopping for the lifter aid that might work best for you. Below is a list of companies that carry a leg lifter or some sort of lifter strap. This list isn’t exhaustive though. There are many more companies out there that also carry some type of leg lifter. This will at least get you started. Make sure you carefully check out the shipping policies, discounts and sales any company might have. Sometimes any one of these factors could drive up the price of your purchase.

If you’re not one who likes to try new things, consider looking for a lending closet nearby. Most lending closets carry living aids that makes moving around easier. Sometimes as a courtesy, they will even send someone out to show you how to use the items. If that fails give MSAA (Multiple Sclerosis Association of America) a call at 1-800-532-7667. Ask them about the availability of a leg lifter and a list of other available items. Be sure to ask to talk to someone who could encourage you to try new things to make your life easier. Here’s a toast to your freedom. carries the Leg Lifter for $11.95, order no. SKU: M159-2 carries two leg lifters: Rigid Leg Lifter (41 inches long) for $15.44, order no. AA8621 and Soft Flexible Leg Lifter (34 inches long) for $14.72, order no. AA8619 carries the Leg Lifter (Navy Poly 42 inches long) for $12.82,order: Regular size #60 carries the same Leg Lifter (Navy Poly 42 inches long) for $13.25,order: Code: CM-10611. Check out the differences in shipping, discounts, etc. carries the Leg Lifter (42 ½ inches long) for $10.95, order: Product# D29500 offers a Duro-Med Brand Leg Lifter Strap (32 inches long) for $13.99, order: Item model number: 640-8222-0000 carries the Leg Lifter (available online only-not in stores) for $16.99, Catalog # 10136461 carries the Leg Lifter (39.75 inches long) for $10.99, order no. DL2450.

Michael Russell

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