Take Care Of Your Kidneys

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Kidney Health

Taking care of your kidneys is very important. When your blood glucose reaches a level over 140-180 mg/dl, it becomes toxic to your body. Your kidneys filter out toxins, so overburdening them is very dangerous.

Kidney Damage

Once you begin to have damage done to your kidneys, proteins will show up in your urine. This is the protein, albumin and leaks through damaged vessels in the kidneys. In early stages, only a small amount of protein will appear, but as kidney disease progresses, larger amounts can be detected. If kidney damage had become severe, you may notice puffiness in your ankles known as edema. This is fluid build-up and is one very strong sign of kidney damage.

Eventually the kidneys can become so damaged they are not longer able to do their job and you will need to go for dialysis. A machine will filter the toxins out of your blood for you. But, why let yourself get to this point? If you are very strict about your diet plan, there is no reason to end up needing dialysis for a very long time, if ever.

Taking Care of your kidneys

Eating and drinking healthy food and drink is the best way to begin your quest for good kidney health. Always try to make good choices that are natural and low in sugar. Remember that natural sugars are more easily broken down by the body. You may still need to take insulin if your body does not use even the natural sugars well. Read your labels and know how much sugar you are taking in per serving.

Strict blood glucose control is the only way you will avoid permanent damage to all of your internal organs and stave off irreversible debilitating complications. You may still see some complications over time, but you will be able to enjoy a healthier life for a longer period than if you ignore good diet choices.

The Cranberry Dilemma

Some studies have shown that drinking cranberry juice or tea can help with kidney and urinary tract problems. While the studies show increased recovery from infections, drinking too much of the acidic juice can actually help kidney stones to develop. Use caution when drinking cranberry juice. The tea is less likely to help the development of stones.

As a diabetic, you should also be careful to look for cranberry juice that has not been sweetened. It can be quite a dilemma between choosing a good juice or the discomfort of a UTI. Keep a close eye on your blood sugar and drink small amounts spread out over time, instead of one large serving after another.

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