Medication Mishaps and Doctor Issues

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Know Your Medications

This is a topic that bothers me quite a bit. Here of late I discovered that my mother, who I have talked about as being diabetic, was receiving medication she did not need. When she moved here from North Carolina, I took her to a doctor’s office I trusted, as the one she had been using for years had just struck me as very unprofessional. She would be in and out of the hospital for things that made no sense. Her doctor did not seem to have a good grip on what a diabetic needed. This has been bothering my husband and I for years.

On her very first visit to the new doctor, we found out she was receiving two medications that were not for the ailments she had complained of. One medicine she had been prescribed for acid reflux, it turns out it was only normally prescribed for nausea. Another medication she had been given that was not recommended for diabetics as it can cause very high glucose levels. The medication actually warns that diabetics can suffer from this on the packaging.

Her new doctor discontinued the medications, thankfully. As a diabetic, you should research your medications and know what side effects can be caused, discuss them with your doctor if you have doubts.

Do Not Rely On Your Doctor Alone.

A few days ago I was speaking with a friend who thought she had no recourse if a doctor chose a specific treatment for her. I was shocked that some people still feel this way. While doctors do go through years of medical school, they are not infallible. Doctors are human and make mistakes like the rest of us. If you have any doubts about your treatments, you should express your concerns to your doctor. He or she should consider your feelings in any treatment.

You are not stuck with the opinion of one doctor. When you have a doctor, please remember that they are employed by you to care for your body. Your body is the most valuable item you own, so of course you need to have the best care possible. Choose wisely, but never feel as if you have to keep the same doctor for eternity. You have the right to change doctors on any basis. Even if you just do not like the particular doctor’s hairstyle! That sounds a little fruity, I know, but everyone needs to know that they have a choice, no matter what.

You can have second, third, and fourth opinions on any treatment. Your doctor is not the only authority on your condition, in fact, you may find another who is more specialized and can help you further.

Your Doctor Is Human, Too.

I mentioned earlier that your doctor is human, just like you and makes mistakes. When you have a conversation with him or her, try to remember this. Just like the rest of us, your doctor has good days and bad days. At one meeting they might seem put off by your questions. No one likes to be questioned about things they know well. No one likes to have mistakes shoved under their noses in a confrontational manner. Be open and understanding in your conversations. Asking to have something explained, then offering your opinion is one thing, yelling at your doctor and refusing to try any approach is quite another.

If you and your doctor fail to reach any agreements, it is probably time to search for a new practitioner. Both for your sake and for your doctor’s.

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