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Diet and You

Each day when you eat a meal, you are choosing how healthy you are going to be. Every single bite of food you have affects your body. So why not choose the very best foods to put into your system?

I wrote yesterday about diabetic desserts, but what about meals? So many of us are used to comfort foods. These foods remind us of a simpler time, a time when all was well and we did not need to worry about what we were eating. This type of attitude as children can also attribute to obesity and as many already know, diabetes.

Teaching Good Habits

Children need to learn good eating habits right now to establish them as adults. Too many children are exposed to sugary snacks and other foods. Have you ever seen the sugar content in breakfast cereals? These foods are marketed almost entirely to and for children. No amount of vitamin enrichment will counter the sugar included in those foods!

When searching for a good breakfast cereal for you or your children, look for cereal that is low in sugar. Fruit additives can make up for the loss of sweetness and is better for you both. In my home, we often buy plain cornflakes then add in slices of banana, strawberries, or raisins. Sometimes we add all three! I have to credit my husband with instilling a love of vegetables in our children at an early age. Our kids will eat tomatoes like apples, which sometimes makes for a mess. But, at least they are eating healthy, so I cannot complain.

Other Meals

When you are preparing lunch or dinner, check your carbs. Starchy foods, like potatoes and pasta, can drive your blood glucose levels up. If you are including these types of foods in your meals, try to avoid desserts with the same type of content. If you are not familiar with exchanges, stay tuned, I will soon be posting an explanation of diabetic exchanges and substitution ideas (again!)

It is always good to have a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables on hand for snacking. One of my preferred snack items is popcorn. Freshly popped and lightly salted, popcorn is very satisfying. You can eat handfuls of it without a lot of guilt at all!

For kids, why not prepare a snack drawer in your fridge? My grandmother devoted one of the bottom drawers in the fridge to me full of kid friendly foods I could just get into at anytime. Cheese cut into small blocks, celery, apples, carrot sticks, and raisins are great ideas. Don’t forget to add in some low sugar drinks, too!

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