Healthy Choices – Even When You Are Diabetic

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Julie E. Fletcher, over at the Battling Diabetes, wrote two killer articles that are worth giving a good read .. especially if you are diabetic, or have any family members who are diabetic.

* Healthy Choices, Healthy Eating

…. Children need to learn good eating habits right now to establish them as adults. Too many children are exposed to sugary snacks and other foods. Have you ever seen the sugar content in breakfast cereals? These foods are marketed almost entirely to and for children. No amount of vitamin enrichment will counter the sugar included in those foods!

* The Big Book Of Diabetic Desserts

…. This book is filled with absolutely decadent desserts that anyone, not just diabetics will lust over. Many diabetics find themselves eating things that are devoid of taste, at least compared to what they are used to.

Not anymore!

Thanks to The Big Book Of Diabetic Desserts, diabetics can enjoy desserts with a real, true flavor to them.

There is a recipe on Julie’s page for Chocolate-Drizzled Peanut Butter Cake … but, if you plan to bake it just like I plan to this month .. remember .. portion control and moderation 🙂

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