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Since it is the last day of the month, I thought we would take a look back at February.

We’ve talked about neuropathy, what it is and how it affects the body. battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/what-is-diabetic-neuropathy/

Reviewed The Big Book of Diabetic Desserts, which will be given away in just a few more days! Don’t miss out on the contest to win your own copy. battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/the-big-book-of-diabetic-desserts/

Talked about making healthy choices. No matter who you are, diabetic or otherwise, healthy food is important to your health. battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/healthy-choices-healthy-eating/

One of my favorite entries is on going green. Recycling can be a part of your routine. You don’t have to toss out all of that packaging! Bottles, syring caps, boxes, all of it can be reused or recycled. battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/get-green-diabetics/

My next favorite post is the links to diabetic recipes. The internet is such a vast resource for all of us. You do not have to eat ‘blah’ food to be healthy. The links in this post will help you find recipes for children or adults. battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/food-food-and-more-food/

I’ve also found new blogs that are interesting. I have placed them in my blog roll, but yesterday I spoke with a blogger I hadn’t met just yet. His name is Ken and his blog is www.battlediabetes.com . Who could resist another fighter in the battle?

March is going to be an amazing month. We are going to discuss how to ‘clean’ out our lives. Since March is the month when most people in North America are beginning to feel the effects of spring, we’re going to have a month of springing into action, breathing fresh air, and planting the seeds of good health into our lives.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or would just like to talk about you diabetes, feel free to contact me via the site or through my email.



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