20 Communities Where You Can Share Your Cancer Stories

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I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my friend’s recent cancer diagnosis in the last few days. I think I’m coming to realize that you or a person you love becomes sick, it’s natural reaction to feel as if you’re the only person in the world who has ever been through that situation before.

In the spirit of strength in numbers, I’m compiled 20 positive and supportive internet communities for cancer patients, survivors and their family and friends. I hope that you find them useful!

  1. I’m too Young for This!Aimed at young adults, this support community has blogs and social networks to help cancer patients meet up and share their stories.
  2. Out With Cancer – Specifically for gay and lesbians with cancer, this site is an excellent place to meet up with other members through their blogs and message boards. You can even write your own blog or chat in live support groups at any time.
  3. Right Health – This general health site has a cancer community where you can meet up with others in forums and discussion groups.
  4. Revolution Health – Another general health website, Revolution Health has an active cancer community that boasts discussion groups, blogs, personal stories, and even a  question board.
  5. WEGO Health – This portal for high-quality health information has a brand new cancer community. Add your story to their message boards!
  6. WebMD – Probably the most popular general health website, WebMD has a cancer health center that has specific information about many different types of cancer. Stop by their message boards and introduce yourself!
  7. Discovery Health – Best known for their documentary-style health programs, this television network’s companion website also has a cancer community.
  8. National Breast Cancer Foundation – While compiling this list, I tried not to focus on a specific type of cancer. However, the MyNBCF network is one of the most friendly and supportive groups that I’ve seen on the net.
  9. American Cancer Society – If you’re looking for information, or if you are a patient, family member, friend, or health provider, don’t miss the ACS’s message boards. It’s one of the only communities out there that provides expert guidance to their members.
  10. Canadian Cancer Society – Sometimes all you really want is to talk to someone who understands. Check out the CCS’s one-on-one, group and telephone support resources.
  11. My Cancer -Leroy Sievers is blogging about his cancer, and he has an incredibly active community of fellow cancer patients and survivors.
  12. PC-REF – The Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation hosts a live call-in show with Dr. Israel Barken that you can listen to on the internet.
  13. Experience Project – Looking for a place to vent? Trying to find someone who’s going through what you’re going through? The Experience Project has some interesting discussions going on relating to cancer, including I Have Cancer, I am Afraid of Cancer, I Have Lost People I Love to Cancer, I Survived Cancer and I Hate Cancer.
  14. MD Anderson Cancer Center – The chaplaincy program at MDA hosts a Spiritual Pathways community message board.
  15. Fertile Hope – Aimed at cancer patients or survivors who have had medical treatments that present a risk of infertility, this community offers support and answers from women who are going through the same thing. The group is fairly new, but immensely useful.
  16. Re-Mission – Re-Mission is a video game aimed at children and teens to educate them about cancer, and the companion website has a thriving community, complete with blogs and a message board.
  17. Strength For Caring – While not specifically aimed for cancer caregivers, this is an excellent site for connecting with others going through the unique challenges of supporting loved ones health conditions.
  18. WikiCancer – For the web 2.0 savvy, WikiCancer shares stories, advice, and support from individuals going under treatment and those who have already completed it.
  19. CancerCompass – This message board includes sub-topics for all types of cancers and also general groups to discuss nutrition and after-treatment care.
  20. Beliefnet – Because my husband and I both work in fields where we are in direct contact with individuals who have either just learned of their diagnosis or are in treatment for it, we routinely asked by patients and their families to join them in prayer. Beliefnet, an inter-denominational website focusing on faith, spirituality and inspiration, offers a cancer support group where you can exchange prayer requests and ask the tough questions.

Am I missing your favorite cancer community? Let me know in the comments!

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One Response to “20 Communities Where You Can Share Your Cancer Stories”
  1. Armen says:

    Thanks for the mention of Experience Project! We’re about connecting people who understand each other, which in this case means taking into account the other aspects of life alongside a cancer diagnosis (kids, lifestyle,etc). All our best from the EP Team.

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