102 Great Running Songs For A Fun And Fast Paced Workout

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I have obtained this list directly from the playlist of the mp3 player of a fitness expert – MY WIFE! – Even I listen to this mix from my musicmatch while I am on the Exercise Bike in the mornings .. and there’s not even one B-52’s song on the list!

You see .. my wife just upgraded her 500MB mp3 player to a 2GIG mp3 player and we were looking for some fun and fast-paced workout songs to add to our playlist. We asked a few friends, we searched the internet, and we reviewed my vast 3500+ mp3 library on my computer. Here is what we came up with!

Feel free to add these songs to your playlist and keep your heart moving and have some fun and listen to music while you exercise! I have added a YouTube link beside each song to give you an idea how the song sounds like – in case they are new to you.

Starting Off With One Of My Favorite Videos (1-1)

* REPUBLICA – Ready To Go – U.S. Mix

(click PLAY while you are scanning this list! :D)

The rest are in alphabetical order, by Artist ..

#’s (2-2)

* 2 UNLIMITED – Get Ready for This (YouTube)

A’s (3-5)

* ADAM & THE ANTS – Goody Two Shoes (YouTube)
* ASHLEY SIMPSON – La La (YouTube)
* ATC – Around The World – la la la la la la (YouTube)

Readers’ Choices

~ Alanis Morrisette – You Oughta Know
~ Alice Smith – Dream
~ Amanda Lepore – My Hair Looks Fierce

B’s (6-13)

* BEASTIE BOYS – Sabatoge (YouTube)
* BECK – Loser (YouTube)
* BEE GEES – Alone (YouTube)
* BLACK EYED PEAS – Hands Up (YouTube)
* BLACK EYED PEAS – Hey Mama (YouTube)
* BLACK EYED PEAS – Pump It (YouTube)
* BLONDIE – Maria (YouTube)
* BODY ROCKERS – I Like The Way You Move (YouTube)

Readers’ Choices

~ B-52’s – Rock Lobster
~ Basement Jaxx – Red Alert
~ Beyonce – Single Ladies
~ Birds of Tokyo – Desperate

C’s (14-18)

* C & C MUSIC FACTORY – Everybody Dance Now (YouTube)
* CAKE – The Distance (YouTube)
* CHARLIE BROWN JR. – Tudo Que Ela Gosta De Escutar (YouTube)
* CHINGY – One Call Away (YouTube)
* COLDPLAY – Clocks (YouTube)

Readers’ Choices

~ Camisra – Let Me Show You
~ Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl
~ Client – 6 in the Morning
~ Client – Drive

D’s (19-23)

* DAFT PUNK – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (YouTube)
* DAFT PUNK – Technologic (YouTube)
* DANZEL – Pump It Up (YouTube)
* DARUDE – Sandstorm – Best Techno Club Mix (YouTube)
* DEELITE – Groove Is In The Heart (YouTube)

Readers’ Choices


E’s (24-27)

* ELVIS vs JXL – Little Less Conversation (YouTube)
* EMINEM – Lose Yourself (YouTube)
* EMINEM – Without Me (YouTube)
* ERUPTION – I Can’t Stand The Rain (YouTube)

Readers’ Choices

~ Eric Prydz – Call On Me

F’s (28-33)

* FATBOY SLIM – The Rockafeller Skank (YouTube)
* FERGIE – London Bridges – Oh Sh*t (YouTube)
* FINGER ELEVEN – Paralyzer (YouTube)
* FINGER ELEVEN – Suffocate (YouTube)
* FRANZ FERDINAND – Take Me Out (YouTube)

G’s (34-39)

* GEORGE BAKER – Little Green Bag (YouTube)
* GEORGE MICHAEL – Faith (YouTube)
* GNARLS BARKLEY – Crazy (YouTube)
* GODSMACK – I Stand Alone (YouTube)
* GROOVE ARMADA – I See You Baby – Shaking That A** (YouTube)

H’s (40-40)

* HOOBASTANK – Crawling In The Dark (YouTube)

I’s (41-43)

* ICE CUBE – You Can Do It (YouTube)
* INCUBUS – Pardon Me (YouTube)
* INXS – Pretty Vegas (YouTube)

J’s (44-47)

* JENNIFER LOPEZ – Let’s Get Loud (YouTube)
* JET – Are You Gonna Be My Girl (YouTube)
* JIMMY EAT WORLD – The Middle (YouTube)
* JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – Sexy Back (YouTube)

K’s (48-50)

* KELIS – My Milkshake (YouTube)
* KILLERS – When You Were Young (YouTube)
* KYLE MINOGUE – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (YouTube)

L’s (51-53)

* LIMP BIZKIT – Faith (YouTube)
* LINKIN PARK – One Step Closer (YouTube)
* LIVE – I Alone (YouTube)

M’s (54-61)

* MADONNA – Beautiful Stranger (YouTube)
* MADONNA – Die Another Die (YouTube)
* MADONNA – Ray Of Light (YouTube)
* MARILYN MANSON – Beautiful People (YouTube)
* METALLICA – Enter Sandman (YouTube)
* MOBY – Bittersweet Symphony Remix (YouTube)
* MOODY BLUES – English Sunset (YouTube)
* MUSE – Stockholm Syndrome (YouTube)

N’s (62-64)

* NITTY – Nasty Girl (YouTube)
* NO DOUBT – Hellagood (YouTube)
* NO DOUBT – Running (YouTube)

O’s (65-65)

* OUTKAST – Hey Ya! (YouTube)

P’s (66-67)

* PORNO FOR PYROS – Tahitian Moon (YouTube)
* PRINCE – I Would Die For You (YouTube)

R’s (68-78)

* RADIOHEAD – Creep (YouTube)
* RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE – Killing In The Name Of (YouTube)
* RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE – Know Your Enemy (YouTube)
* RAMMSTEIN – Du Hast (YouTube)
* RAMMSTEIN – Ich Will (YouTube)
* RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Can’t Stop (YouTube)
* REDNEX – Cotton Eyed Joe (YouTube)
* RICKY MARTIN – Livin’ La Vida Loca (YouTube)
* RIHANNA – Hey Mr. D.J. Turn The Music Up (YouTube)
* RIHANNA – S.O.S. – Rescue Me (YouTube)
* ROBBIE WILLIAMS – Let Me Entertain You (YouTube)

S’s (79-87)

* SALIVA – Click Click Boom (YouTube)
* SCOOTER – Faster Harder Scooter (YouTube)
* SCOOTER – Maria – I like It Loud (YouTube)
* SEAN PAUL – Get Busy (YouTube)
* SEAN PAUL – Temperature (YouTube)
* SHAGGY – I like To Move It Move It (YouTube)
* SHAMEN – Move Any Mountain (YouTube)
* SIR MIX A LOT – Baby’s Got Back – I Like Big Butts (YouTube)
* SNAP – I’ve Got The Power (YouTube)

T’s (88-95)

* TAG TEAM – Whoomp! There It Is (YouTube)
* TEA PARTY – Temptation (YouTube)
* TECHNOTRONIC – Pump Up The Jam (YouTube)
* TOM PETTY – Running Down A Dream (YouTube)
* TRAPT – Headstrong (YouTube)
* TV ROCK FEAT – Flaunt It (YouTube)
* TYKWER/KLIMEK/HEIL – Lola Rennt – Run Lola Run (YouTube)

U’s (96-97)

* U2 – Elevation (YouTube)
* UNDERWORLD – Underneath The Radar (YouTube)

V’s (98-100)

* VENGABOYS – Boom Boom Boom Techno Trance Dance Mix (YouTube)
* VERVE – Bitter Sweet Symphony (YouTube)
* VOODOO GLOW SKULLS – Charlie Brown (YouTube)

W’s (101-102)

* WILL SMITH – Wild Wild West (YouTube)
* WISEGUYS – Start The Commotion (YouTube)


If you have any other suggestions for songs to add to our RUNNING playlist .. please add your choice in our comments! Feel free to add a link too 🙂

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Special thanks to additional suggestions from Char, Brian, and Raj

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147 Responses to “102 Great Running Songs For A Fun And Fast Paced Workout”
  1. Daniel Steiny says:

    Hey Runners, also check out Runner’s Radio for great running songs here:


    Also, you can listen while you run on your Ipod or Android phone. Just download the Live365 App and search for Runner’s Radio.

    Have fun!

  2. I really enjoyed this thread and used it as a great source to create a list of my own with links and genre organization! I compiled 300+ songs organized across the genres of Pop, Rock, Rap, Classic Rock, and Instrumental. All songs have iTunes links so you can download easily. If you need more songs take a look!


  3. Hi, thanks for this comment 🙂

  4. Mikal says:

    Me and my friends created a ‘Running songs playlist’. Check it out and please come in and suggest songs of your own. I will remove songs I dont like so we are left with a TWO hrs workout playlist.

    Here is the playlist I had created.

  5. Wonderful informativ post. Thank U for helping information. Lookin’ forward for ur following report. Cheers

  6. My workout music should be good for running, too.

  7. Hi! It has already been my daily routine to jog at least 30 min. per day and sometimes I get bored on the way so I’ve been finding some music I could listen to while jogging. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas!

    Queenie’s Last Post: Body Exercises

  8. Lionel Carr says:

    102 Great Running Songs For A Fun And Fast Paced Workout
    | Battling For Health is definitely a nicely put together blog. I dont feel my site www.a7ladal3.com/vb/member.php?u=24316 has much in common with yours, though I can (and have) learnt a lot from you, cheers, Lionel Carr

  9. haha this post reminds me of relentless’ electro tracks

  10. Martin J. Flood says:

    (Warm-up/cool down)
    Stardust- Music sounds better with you:
    Lily Allen – LDN:
    Lemon Jelly – The Staunton Lick:

    Otherwise …

    Basement Jaxx – Red Alert:
    Wheres your head at:
    Erik Pryde – Call on me:
    Fatboy Slim – Rockafeller skank:
    Kalifornia (if you can handle the repetitiveness of it):
    Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation:
    Camisra – Let Me show you:
    Groove Armada – I see you baby:

    – Martin J. Flood

  11. Mage says:

    Great List you have there!
    Personally, i listen to every pop songs with a nice beat matching my aerobics and running rhythm. Just the beats ok, select nice beats that lifts your moods and fuel up your desire to be healthier.

  12. lindsay says:

    Great list!

    Here’s a few other songs to run to:
    Clear- Kardinal Offishall
    Show me the money- from the Step Up Soundtrack
    I’m really hot- Missy Elliott
    Where’s your Head At- Jean Elan (club mix)
    Rockstar Remix- N.E.R.D

  13. sunch says:

    Your wife has great taste. The fact that she even has Voodoo Glow Skulls made this a winning playlist in my book. I just so happen to have a LOT of these songs on my own running playlist.

    One suggestion:

    Glass Danse by The Faint. That is my powersong.

  14. Anna Aslan says:

    Great list. Your wife has good taste.:) About half of these songs I already had on my Palm, but thanks for the rest.

  15. That tune is utterly incredible, and I’m not even into that kind of music.

  16. isak says:

    Till i collapse by eminem. best ever for working out.

  17. mani0_0 says:

    Love the songs. I lost my ipod data and almost forgot which songs I used for workouts.

    Heres some of my fav:
    Black eyed peas: my hump
    Modjo – lady hear me tonight
    Michael gray – i can’t wait for the weekend to begin

    I also listen to some bollywood songs and my all time fav is Sexy back 🙂


  18. Steph says:

    Rock Lobster – B52s

  19. tessa says:

    Florence + Machine – Dog Days are Over
    “” – Cosmic Love
    “” – Howl
    Alanis – You Outta Know

    • tessa says:

      I’m going to add more

      Alice Smith – Dream
      Beyonce – Single Ladies
      Client – Drive
      Client – 6 in the Morning
      Xtina – Fighter
      Goldfrapp – Ride a White Horse
      Kristen Price – Magic Tree
      Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe
      Ting Ting – Great DJ
      Ting Ting – Shut Up and Let Me Go
      The Runaways – Cherry Bomb

  20. lesley says:

    I listen to Hey Boy Hey Girl by the Chemical Brothers over and over when I’m running to keep my pace up – it’s the best when you need motivation!

  21. This is a great list, but nothing gets me running faster than old school East Coast hip hop.

  22. Chris says:

    Into the Night Life – Cindi Lauper
    I Hate This Part (Dave Aude remix -club) Pussy Cat Dolls
    Feel Your Love (radio edit) Kim Sozzi
    Just Dance – Lady Gaga
    Ma Ya Hi (numa Nima song….)
    When You Leave – Alina
    Heaven – DJ Sammy

    Club Hits 2003 (disc 2)
    The entire disc 2 is great, especially track 2: Divine Inspiration  –  The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) (Svenson & Gielen Vocal Mix) 7:09

  23. sally says:

    MIMS – Move (If you wanna) – GREAT pace for jogging.

  24. Emily ! x says:

    err heya ! my name is emily ! (no last name not saying pedo’s)
    Bestfriends are …tonicha ,casey , cailaen , eric , Anicha
    all these people are great mates ilovethem,all
    just had my HPV jab 2day x

  25. simon says:

    Thanks for the list, tonight is the night before a marathon and needed another hour of music. It’s like your wife stole my ipod and added songs I was missing.

    My addition to your awesome list:
    One Day As a Lion – Wild International

  26. Ciaran says:

    Also Wiley- Step by Step/
    Can’t stop thinking by Wiley aswell

    Trust me these 2 songs will help your training

  27. Ciaran says:

    Paul Okenfold- Ready Set Go (Korean Style) – its the song from the film collateral inside the nightclub scene.

    Probably best song for training ever.

  28. olivia says:

    Sorry, it’s called My Hair Looks Fierce by Amanda Lepore

  29. olivia says:

    Best running song EVER is Amanda Lepore. It’s a fairly ridiculous song, but keeps you distracted and is very fast paced.

  30. Georgina Kaye says:

    Katy Perry – Hot ‘n’ Cold
    N.E.R.D – She Wants to Move
    The Hives – Tick Tick Boom
    Birds of Tokyo – Desperate
    Lady GaGa – Poker Face
    The Veronicas – Untouched
    Muse – Supermassive Black Hole

  31. Mana Mage says:

    Check Yes Juliet
    by We the Kings

    Lace up your shoes
    Here’s how we do
    Run baby run
    don’t ever look back
    They’ll tear us apart if you
    give them the chance
    don’t sell your heart, say
    we’re not meant to be
    Run baby run, forever will be
    You and me

  32. YYC-Sherry says:

    Great place to start. The BEST running song EVER (in terms of BPM) is Katy Perry “Hot and Cold”. The song is totally G-A-Y, but it will move yo’ ass every time! Also Scissor Sisters “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing”. Can’t sit still when I play these two songs. 🙂

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