Young Cancer Patients Declare, ‘I’m Too Young For This!’

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I seemed to have totally missed this, but I’m Too Young For This, the popular community for young adults aged 15 – 39 with cancer, made it on TIME Magazine’s list of the 50 Best Websites of 2007. Congratulations!

From their website:

Our vision is to be the progressive, creative and disruptive voice for the young adult demographic in a future where the burden of cancer is marginalized to that of a manageable chronic condition—similar to HIV and diabetes—in a future where it is unilaterally accepted that survivorship is the cure to cancer.

Visitors to their website will find a thriving community, social networking links, instructions on how to host a happy hour, The Stupid Cancer Show radio broadcast and a host of other resources.

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2 Responses to “Young Cancer Patients Declare, ‘I’m Too Young For This!’”
  1. Karen Davis says:

    LGBT cancer survivors have a social network online called, OutWithCancer at These social networks are great for survivors to connect with, online.

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