THE HART-SERIES: January 2, 2008

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Day One .. Third Try ..

I’m back on my diet .. so-to-speak. By diet, I am meaning that I am really eating whatever the heck I want, but I’m also keeping track by writing down everything as I am able, and counting points as if I was still back on Weight Watchers. Most of the points can be found on my “recipe/points” page or found elsewhere. Hopefully, besides portion control .. this journal will help keep me on the straight and narrow (losing weight) and help me help myself get back into shape.

The posts of my daily meals will start with .. “THE HART-SERIES:” .. in case you wanted to skip over 100% of these boring articles which are basically my daily journal. If I don’t post something daily, I’ll just recap as soon as practical .. but don’t worry – I’m still writing everything down daily.

As for included pictures, I plan to take a picture of one meal per day and post it in the blog. Hopefully, the pictures will automatically appear in my Gallery, although I am not sure in what order. Back in 2005, where my weight was a little higher .. I was limited to 32 points per day and I’ll keep that as my upper limit throughout 2008. Also, I am allowing myself 35 extra “splurge” points per week that all points over 32 points in a day will be deducted from. If I don’t make 32 points in a day, I will not add points to the splurge points.

For more detailed process of the Weight Watcher process that I am following, feel free to check out the archives the the HART: Getting In Shape category!

Anyway .. here we go!

January 2, 2008

Coffee & low fat cream – 1 point
Fruity Cheerios w/2% milk – 5 points
Palatal Restaurant – Mongolian Stir fry – 9 points
Salad – with 100g turkey, red peppers, sunflower seeds, bacon bits, dressing – 7 points
2 whole wheat toast with Peanut Butter – 4 point

>> total 26 points // under
>> 35 splurge points remain.


* If you have a diet blog or are fat-blogging and documenting your weight loss and getting back into shape during 2008 .. please let me know! I’ll start a page and link everybody up and perhaps, start a Battling Obesity Biggest Loser contest or something~ (we’ll see!)

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