THE HART-SERIES: January 17, 2008

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Day Sixteen watching my weight ..

Coffee – 1 point
Crunchie Bar – 15 points
Junior Caramels (149g – 4 points per 42 g) – 14 points
Robin’s Donuts Coffee with Flavor Stick – 2 points
Robin’s Donuts mini Cinnamon Bun – 6 points
Cereal Lucky Charms and Cheerios with milk – 11 points

>> Total Points – 49 points, over by 17 points
>> No splurge points availble, and now negative 17 points~

I was caught off guard in meetings all day, without breakbreast. I stopped for gas and saw the Crunchie and Junior’s and just bought it. I munched the Crunchie down quite fast, as I haven’t really had any chocolate since XMAS week! The Junior Caramels were good .. as I was able to eat a few balls throughout the day. It’s annoying that a “serving” is 13 balls or about 42 grams, but the box was 149g. It just doesn’t make sense the way they package and mark these nutritional ingredients when it’s larger than a serving. 13 pieces? That’s a serving?

I didn’t get home until after The Celebrity Apprentice was over … (who was fired?). Thank goodness for Cereal and low maintenance dinner. I didn’t have any Caramels left to photograph, but I did take a picture of the package!

Picture of My Juniors – Remember these?


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One Response to “THE HART-SERIES: January 17, 2008”
  1. A fairly typical days diet based on sugars and grains. A true food addict!! Visit for the way out of the pit you are in.

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