Symptoms of Depression

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By Christina Tasnadi

More and more people right across the world are reporting to suffer from the symptom of depression. More and more people are seeking information on depression.

Symptoms of Depression

What are the symptoms of a mild depression?

* Feeling sad and low, and tired.

* Restlessness or irritability.

* Sleep problems – insomnia or sleeping to excess.

* Worry.

* Weepiness, crying at inappropriate times.

* Difficulty in concentrating, and forming and carrying out plans and ideas.

* Lack of appetite and spirit.

What are the symptoms of a serious, major depression?

* Deep feeling of sadness, despair, misery, gloom and blackness.

* Loss of affection towards oneself and others, empty mood.

* A sense of failure, self-criticism, feeling of unworthiness, even self-loathing.

* Loss of interest in life, in former favorite activities, inability to take pleasure in life.

* Decreased energy, fatigue, sluggish.

* Loss of sex drive.

* Loss of self-esteem and confidence.

* Altered appetite, usually a loss of appetite and weight (seldom overeating and weight gain).

* Weight fluctuation.

* Lethargy, slovenliness, apathy.

* Insomnia or sleeping for long periods as a means of escape.

* Early morning awaking – typically between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.

* Thoughts of death or suicide, even attempt of suicide.

What might be the physical symptom of depression?

* persistent headache

* persistent digestive disorders

* chronic pain

* appetite irregularities: irregular eating, overeating or loss of appetite

* weight alteration: gain or loss of weight, weight fluctuation

* changed sleep pattern: insomnia, early morning waking or oversleeping

* decreased libido, loss of sex drive.

Cause of Depression

Depression can be caused by environmental factors like emotional traumas or climatic conditions as too little sunshine. Endogenous factors, like hormonal changes or reduction of certain neurotransmitters in the brain also may cause depression. The tendency of being depressed often runs in the family, so there are genetic causes as well.

Learn more about the symptoms of depression!

Christina Tasnadi is a medical doctor, a homeopathic doctor and an expert of home remedies. Christina’s Home Remedies

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