Looking For a Summer Internship in Cancer Research? Apply Now!

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Being the doting (ie, nagging) older sister to two siblings interested in science, I can tell you from experience that now is the time for high school and college students to apply for summer internships in cancer research!

Here’s a round-up of paid summer research internships at some of the biggest cancer centers in the US. Don’t forget to look at your local comprehensive cancer center to see if they sponsor research fellowships — both my brother and sister snagged one at our state’s university. They both found their time in the laboratory invaluable, and my brother has since then been inspired to pursue a career as a medical scientist.

The National Cancer Institute:  Student Programs

The National Cancer Institute offers several opportunities for high school graduates, college students, medical students and dental students interested in working in a laboratory located in one of the NCI’s Maryland-based campuses.  Summer interns can apply online and application materials for the 2008 program must be received by March 1.

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center:  Summer Intern Program

Summer Intern Program in Seattle, Washington runs from June 16 – August 16. Students can choose their a research focus in cellular biology, developmental biology, genetics, membrane biology, molecular biology, molecular immunology, structural biology, oncogenes or virology. Applications are available online, and must be received by January 11.

The Gertstner Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center:  Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Want to know what it’s like to work at one of the best cancer treatment centers in the world? Sloane-Kettering’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program is available for undergraduate freshmen, sophomores and juniors with a proven interest in research. Apply online by March 1, and you may find yourself spending your summer in New York City.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute: SPARK

Summer Program for the Advancement of Research Knowledge provides intensive cancer research programs in the areas of molecular oncology, immunology, drug discovery, experimental therapeutics, risk assessment, detection and intervention, and health outcomes and behavior in Tampa, Florida. The program is available for both high school graduates and college undergraduates — visit the website to download the application, which is due February 15

The Jackson Laboratories:  Summer Student Program

Maine’s Jackson labs are well-renowned for being strong in genetics. High school and undergraduate students are invited to apply for their summer student program, which runs from June 8 to August 11. Applications are available online, and materials must be received by the office by January 18.

Johns Hopkins University:  Summer Internship Program

Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins is one of the best cancer treatment centers in the country, and it offers the unique opportunity for undergraduates interested in biomedical and public health cancer research. The application is available online; students must respond by February 1.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

MDA is one of the all-around best comprehensive cancer centers in the country, and high school students, medical students, and undergraduate students all have opportunities for summer research. A humid Houston summer may seem like a drag, but the opportunity to work in among the brightest minds in clinical medicine and basic sciences research is worth it (plus, they have a really intricate series of air-conditioned walkways that’s pretty cool). The application deadline for high school students is January 18, medical students is February 11 , and undergraduate students is February 4.

If you’re interested in what it’s like to be an oncologist, try calling up your local hospital for shadowing opportunities. Many private practice and hospital-based physicians specializing in cancer treatment and management volunteer as mentors, and even if you can only spend a weekend in training, you’re likely to gain a lot of valuable experience.

Have you done a cancer-related summer internship? Share your experience in the comments! 

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