Life Is Sweet With Stevia

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Sugar Highs Are The Norm.

Stevia Plant
As a diabetic, desserts are often off limits. Super rich, decadent desserts are plastered all over magazines and television. Chocolate is drizzled onto cakes, pies, and cookies. Sugar glazes, towering sugar sculptures, and a flurry of powdered sugar snows the dessert buffet. It is not healthy to indulge too much as an individual without diabetes, but what about when your life depends on avoiding the temptations?

There Is A Solution.

Thankfully, every diabetic can now enjoy sugar free desserts and confections. In nearly every grocery store or other food outlet, you can find alternatives to the sugar filled offerings. You are by now probably familiar with the pink and blue packets of sugar substitutes. Most people have used or at least heard of Sucralose (Splenda). There is another alternative to sugar that you may not be aware of.

For those who are diabetic and concerned about their blood sugar, Diabetes and Stevia are a match made in heaven.

Source: Healthy New Age

Stevia is a plant that is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar and does not affect blood sugar levels. It has no calories. It has become very popular lately, though it is not approved in the United Sates by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a food source. It is known as a dietary supplement.

This sweetener does well in nearly all applications, though it is recommended to not use it in recipes that require cooking over 389 degrees (F).

Can I still Use Sugar?

Yes, you can, in moderation. Remember that all carbohydrates turn to sugar in the blood stream. When using sugar in any recipe factor in the carbohydrates you will be eating along with it. A smaller serving of the sugar containing food should suffice. We all have slip-ups, so do not beat yourself up if you have a tad more.

One favorite among diabetics is Angel Food Cake or Chiffon Cakes. The variations using these cakes are endless. You can use any Angel Food Recipe (or Chiffon) and add in your own ingredients for variations. Here are some ideas:

Lemon zest.

Add the zest of one lemon, plus one teaspoon of lemon juice.

Orange zest.

Add the zest of one orange, plus the juice from the same orange.

Chocolate Swirl.

Two table spoons of cocoa powder dropped into the batter (in intervals)as it sits in the bundt pan. Swirl with a butter knife.

Pomegranate Cake

As the batter sits in the pan, drizzle the juice from one pomegranate over the top. Swirl with a butter knife.

Instead of icing or glaze, try drizzling your cake with reduced fruit juice. Reduce your fruit juice by simmering it until it is half of the original volume. Use in moderation, as all fruits contain sugar known as fructose.

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6 Responses to “Life Is Sweet With Stevia”
  1. Paula Neat says:

    Just recently acquired Stevia plants and need to know how to obtain the sweetness from the leaves. Do I put the leaves in simmering water and for how long or do I treat them like mint leaves and just crush them to release the oil (?) Just not sure what to do…or maybe just purchase a box of Stevia from Whole Foods???

  2. Sweet Lucee says:

    I had to laugh about Diabetes being contracted through touching another person 🙂 I wanted to let you know that you can’t get pregnant through holding hands in church either.
    Getting back to Stevia – Now there is a wonderful product! Have you tried the liquid stevia flavors? They can be used in water, and can truly curb a sweet tooth. My favorites are Root Beer, Vanilla Creme, Valencia Orange and English Toffee. The Chocolate Raspberry is great in coffee! Be sure when you look for them that they are Sweet Leaf liquid stevia flavors. I buy them at Whole Food Markets, but I know there are many places that carry them. Try searching on Google if you don’t know where to find them. Zero carbs, Zero glycemic index – Zero calories. What’s not to love about that?

  3. Yeah, that has to be a joke. Diabetes isn’t contagious, no such thing as a diabetes ‘virus’.

  4. Cagemonkey says:

    I hope you don’t get the diabetes. Be sure to always wash your hands after touching infected people and don’t use public restrooms. They are teeming with diabetes viruses.

  5. Thanks for visiting, jesie. I’m not diabetic, either, but may be one day because of my family history. I enjoyed your blog, too!

  6. jesie says:

    I have been using stevia. I also feel that its sweetness is an acquired taste. My husband mix regular sugar with stevia on his tea. We are not diabetics but we just want to watch. His grandma was diabetic so was my mom.
    I read that lemon juice helps in cleansing our system and it is good to add to our drinking water. Stumbled.

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