Join the Go! Smell The Flowers Weight Loss Contest!

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Yesterday marked Day Seven (of my third try) to lose weight. Rather than put myself through a mid-week weigh-in, I have decided to delay weighing myself until Friday Morning .. on January 11, 2008, which will be Day Ten.

My reason? Two fold:

(1) I thought it would be easier for me to remember, and it would be nice to start a weekend with FULL weekly splurge points available … and


From their blog …

Commencing on Friday 11th January and closing on Friday 2nd May 2008, the winner will be announced on June 1st 2008 with the highest % weight loss AND a convincing 500 word account with diary if possible of how they managed it.

We thought 4 months should cover it nicely! The prize – Flowers, of course AND 7 nights stay for 2 in a Hotel at our cost (we’ll provide the lettuce leaves) to be used between July 1st and September 1st 2008.

All you have to do is post your name in their comments, and .. of course .. LOSE WEIGHT!

Are You In?

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One Response to “Join the Go! Smell The Flowers Weight Loss Contest!”
  1. Welcome aboard our flower smelling contest!

    We’ll post the ‘weigh in’ post on Friday so scales at the ready and look out for the update posts every 2 weeks where we all come clean and post our weights!

    Bon Courage and lets make it happen!

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