It’s That Time Of Year – Time To Start The Diet Again!

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* On May 25, 2005 .. I joined Weight Watchers and officially weighed in at 291 lbs.

* On January 1, 2006 .. I had stopped watching or counting points and weighed in at 263 lbs.

* On January 1, 2007 .. I weighed myself back at 283 lbs.

* Yesterday – January 1, 2008 .. I weighed myself and I was 287.5 lbs.


I must say, I don’t feel obese, being a 6’1″ person .. but I mostly sit at my desk working and do feel sedentary at times. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m losing feeling in my toes from the lack of circulation. My wife is cold blooded and hates the heat .. (could be thyroid related) and I’m always cold and using a Space Heater in my office here on the 2nd floor to up the heat a few extra degrees. Is that because of lack of circulation? Last Summer I was at the cottage, and swimming, running, biking, walking the dogs .. but, had trouble fitting in a Kayak that I had purchased – that is, sitting in a position with my feet together inside the kayak and my back straight. When summer was over, we still went until just about Canadian Thanksgiving time, on Weekends .. but that exercise was enough for me and I never even walked the dogs during the week. I have to also say, that these past six months has been quite stressful for me – workwise.

In November, my father-in-law was in a serious car accident, and now has brain damage, loss of sight and requires 24/7 personal care. I have been taking care of his business, or rather – trying to liquidate and end the business .. and eating out at restaurants. Maybe it’s because I’m out and about, and doing lots of lifting, and running around – but, I actually lost weight in November and December (before Xmas celebrations that is). But, ever since – I’ve been taking Tums at night (yummy Calcium!) But, only after eating burgers, pizza and fries! That can’t be good.

My Body Is Trying To Tell Me Something

Well .. my brain and stomach told me to immediately finish off the remaining Rice Krispy Marshmallow Treats that I made last week (3 points each for about 2″x2″ bar, 34g each) .. and give it a go with the open boxes of chocolate (and 1/2 an Easter Bunny) .. But – now that it’s gone now… My brain is telling me it’s time again – time to officially lose weight and get healthy.

OKAY! I GET IT! Enough is Enough!

The diet starts today – January 2, 2007 … I’m back watching what I eat, counting points like I used to with Weight Watchers, minding my portion control and .. eaaaaazzzy on the chocolates, Double Mozza Burgers, Pizza and All-You-Can-Eat buffets!

So – the good news is .. I will be back now posting on the HART’s Getting In Shape category here at Battling Obesity … three times is the charm! You guys *want* to see what I’m eating, now – don’t you? 😀

How about you? Are you blogging about your weight loss in 2008? Leave your link in the comments – and I’ll start a “Friends” page about this! Interested in joining me? We can also try to do some meme’s, cross linking, share recipes, pictures, etc etc etc … or – let me know privately off-line via


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