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Making good choices

When you are a diabetic each and every food item that goes into your body should be healthy. This is true for all people, but since diet plays such a huge role in the health of diabetics, choices must be carefully considered. Carbohydrates literally turn into glucose once they have begun digesting and can have devastating results when combined with other foods high in sugar.

Often people find themselves wondering just what can be substituted for traditional meals items. So often we become stuck in a rut and have the same meal combinations. Trying out new foods can be an adventure into a more healthy lifestyle, not to mention a tasty one! If you are a fan of vegetables and fruit, then you are already a step ahead. But, if you have put off trying new vegetables because you are not sure how to prepare them in new and interesting ways, this might be just what you need to get you going.

Some Alternatives To Consider

When you are deciding on what to cook or what to order when eating out, check out all available options. Here is a list of some items and good alternatives:

* Potatoes, Rice, or other Starchy Vegetable– Substitute green leafy vegetables, broccoli or a salad.
* Cereal– Lean meats, eggs or less of a cereal product
*Sodas– Diet soda, water, unsweetened tea
*Snacks like crackers, chips, and sweets– A handful of nuts is a wonderful way to replace these.

But Fruit Is Sugary!

You may notice that I do not include fruit as something to avoid. Many websites do, but I advocate fruit for the fiber and vitamins it contains. Avoiding fruit is not healthy for anyone. The key to enjoying fruit is to avoid processed fruit juice and have only one serving of fruit with your meal or as a snack.

Dried fruit is often sweetened further, as is fruit juice. Try dehydrating your own fruit and juicing fresh fruits to avoid the extra sugar placed in products by manufacturers. Fructose is contained in fruit, but by eating it in moderation and not in combination with sugary/starchy foods, you should be fine.

Always speak with your doctor concerning your diet before changing it.

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