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Glucosamine is the most popular (and maybe most used) supplement for arthritis patients.

Glucosamine Sulfate – available as various oral dietary supplements – is actually derived from crustacean shells.

In a review of arthritis supplements (reported in the medial journal American Family Physician this month), Tara Parker-Pope wrote at Well (NY Times Health):

According to the authors, researchers at Creighton University in Omaha, glucosamine has been the subject of more than 20 randomized controlled trials involving over 2,500 patients.

The findings have been inconsistent, however, likely because of varying formulations and study methods. The research does show that the type of glucosamine matters.

“The evidence supports the use of glucosamine sulfate for modestly reducing osteoarthritis symptoms and possibly slowing disease progression,’’ the authors write. “However, there isn’t enough evidence to recommend the use of other glucosamine formulations.’’

The evidence for another popular supplement, chondroitin, is inconsistent, as well. The supplement, made from cow cartilage, often is sold in combination with glucosamine.

The study authors find little evidence that the combination is more effective than glucosamine sulfate alone.

While the above review has mentioned the inconcistency of findings on glucosamine sulfate, food/health companies have developed plant/vegetable derived glusosamine sulfate.

[And yes chondroitin and glucosamine are often combine in one product as is widely available in the market.]

The said vegetarian glucosamine sulfate is called GlucosaGreen, a product of the China-based Hygieia Health.

China-based Hygieia Health has launched a new vegetarian glucosamine, marketing it as a “pure”, “stable”, “safe” form of the popular joint health ingredient.

The company said its GlucosaGreen marks the first time it is entering the ingredient market, as it has so far been focusing on supplying finished dose material.

According to Hygieia’s marketing manager David Corcoran, joint health has been a major area of focus for the company since it was formed in 2005.
The firm developed its own glucosamine ingredient in response to interest from customers, who were looking to differentiate their brands.

Glucosamine has been found to rebuild cartilage, and is therefore considered one of the major joint health ingredients. It is often used in conjunction with chondroitin, which gives cartilage elasticity.

However, as most glucosamine is derived from shell-fish, it is not suitable for use by vegetarians, people who are allergic to shell fish, and those who adhere to a Kosher diet.

Great. Now vegetarian arthritis patients have a choice of vegetarian glucosamine sulfate.

Find more details about the vegetarian glucosamine from Nutraingredients.

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