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Tell me something I didn’t know, please.

This morning I read an article on the elevated risk of cardiovascular disease in women with diabetes. I would hate to have to point out to the scientists that discovered this that diabetic women already knew this. My mother has had two heart catheter procedures in the past few years, I do not know about her cholesterol, but I would guess it is not a pretty number.

Lower the pressure.

Blood pressure is always an issue with diabetics. Before being diagnosed with diabetes, my mother lived with low blood pressure, much like my own. In the years following the progression of the disease, her blood pressure steadily rose. Today she is on medication to control it and aspirin therapy. I have been incorporating better whole foods into her diet, which seems to have helped bring her sugar levels to a more controlled plateau.

At least the vampires will go away.

How do you control your cholesterol, though? Many people endorse garlic as a cure-all, the best thing for cholesterol ever. I have seen the effects of fresh garlic work on cholesterol in the past. My oldest daughter’s father took garlic supplements and ate roasted garlic spread on toast with every evening meal for a month. His cholesterol levels dropped 80 points in a month. Will that work for everyone? I cannot say that it will. Unless you have an allergy to garlic, it certainly will not hurt you to add a bit to your diet.

Caring for your heart is easy, all you need to do is exercise more and eat a diet with whole grains, plenty of fiber, and cut the junk out of your life. Ok, maybe it sounds easier than it actually is. I can guarantee you will feel much better if you talk to your doctor about the proper way to care for your heart, then follow his or her advice.

Want a heart healthy quick breakfast? With these muffins, you can prepare them the night before and grab one on the way out the door in the morning!

Blue Berry Muffins

* 2 eggs
* ½ cup soymilk
* ¼ cup vegetable oil
* 1 cup flour
* ½ cup wheat flour
* ½ cup soy flour
* ½ cup Sucralose( splenda)
* 1 tablespoon baking powder
* 1 ½ cup blue berries (frozen is fine)

Mix all ingredients except blueberries. Shake the blueberries in a zip top bag with a bit of flour. Flour helps the blue berries be suspended in the muffins instead of sinking. Add to batter, mix.

Pour into a greased or papered muffing tin. Bake at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. Begin checking for doneness at 20 minutes. (12 muffins)

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