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Through my other blog, I found this new resource website for arthritis called Arthritis Treatment Advice Center.

At least it deviates from the more known format of Medicinenet and MedlinePlus.

Arthritis Treatment Advice Center is like a FAQs website about arthritis and arthritis treatment . It is a repository of articles written by people who either have personal experiences about arthritis or somebody knowledgeable about the condition.

I kind-a like it because it has information from the basics of arthritis to alternative treatments.

Here are some of my favorite articles:

1. Treating Arthritis With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a natural holistic approach to health and wellness using plant derived scents that I use daily as a way to control the stresses in my life. All forms of arthritis are exacerbated or worsened by stress. Controlling that aspect of my life, even just a little, has made a world of difference in my overall condition.

The traditional method of healing called aromatherapy is finally beginning to be considered a science and is gaining ground among doctors willing to combine conventional medicine with alternative therapies. This current switch among health professionals is called integrative medicine.

It is a move away from the traditional approach that focuses only on the disease and prescription drugs to an approach that looks more at the individual who has the disease, and gives them a more active role in their treatment. This integrative approach has proved to be a virtual lifesaver for me and one that I strongly encourage other arthritis sufferers to try.

Some of the most effective essential oils for treatment of arthritis symptoms are Lavender, Juniper, Thyme, Rosemary, Benzoe, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Peppermint, Camphor, Ginger, Black Pepper and Lemon.

2. Try Holistic Treatment for Arthritis Pain

When it comes to finding a holistic treatment for arthritis pain, consult your physician regarding alternative options to traditional prescription medications.

More and more arthritis sufferers are choosing these homeopathic treatments, especially with the recent controversy surrounding Vioxx, the prescription medication proposed as a cure-all for arthritis pain, but proved to cause more serious problems, including heart problems and even strokes.

Consider ancient Eastern exercises like Tai Chi. This slow moving and stretching form of exercise is popular with individuals of all ages.

In addition to slowly using all the muscles and joints in the body, Tai Chi is an excellent way to achieve an introspective look.

Another great alternative method for treating arthritis pain is to consult an acupuncturist.

Using age old techniques for identifying the parts of the body thought to be connected, your pain, swelling, and stiffness associated with arthritis can be diminished.

Another homeopathic method of treating arthritis without using prescription medication is to use all natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals instead.

This is an excellent way to ensure you do not experience any problems with arthritis while not being at risk for drug interactions.

3. Using essential fatty acids for reducing arthritis joint pain

Essential fatty acids provide protection for the whole body. In particular it is effective in reducing inflammation as experienced in joint pain or arthritis.

Most people will have to deal with arthritis especially as they get older. One way to eliminate or minimize this pain is to supplement with the essential fatty acids.

The use of flax seed oil, omega-3, is known to provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Omega-3 breaks down into prostaglandins. It is the prostaglandins that provide the anti-inflammatory results.

So by using the omega-3, GLA, and EPA/DHA supplements, you can get some relief from arthritis. These oils reduce inflammation and pain and provide lubrication, thereby preventing some damage from occurring in your joints.

4. Using Natural Medicines for Arthritis Relief

Some examples of popular of alternative natural treatments for arthritis include supplements, therapy, or other holistic forms of medicine.

Many individuals turn to vitamin and mineral supplements for answers to their problems.

These treatments can range from supplements of vitamins B, C, E and K to treatments like glucosamine sulfate or gelatin. Instead of consuming a natural treatment, consider enrolling in a therapy program.

One popular program is acupuncture , which has gained popularity in the past years with individuals of all ages seeking solutions to all medical issues.

Furthermore, adopting a healthy diet and exercise regimen is an excellent way to tackle arthritis pain.

Consider joining a gym that offers aquatic aerobics programs.

Water offers no resistance and is a perfect way to condition muscles, rebuild strength, and restore joint movement.

These are just some of the articles I like. I am somebody all for alternative treatments. However, consider all these for educational purposes. Consult your primary doctor first before considering an alternative treatment.

Check out Arthritis Treatment Advice Center for more about arthritis.

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