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Hi everyone — pull up a comfy seat and get ready for some weekend reading. Here’s my favorite posts from the last few weeks from around the blogosphere!

When Your Stool Smells Bad and it Floats in the Toilet Bowl
A very, um, descriptive post about some post-treatment hazards for pancreatic cancer patients.

Cancer Doesn’t Wait ‘Till After the Holidays, Parts II and III
Karen Lynch of Discussing Breast Cancer finishes out a brilliant series on practical advice for

Bombs over September, Parts I and II
Benjamin Rubenstein is a recent University of Virgina grad who has just penned the novel “I’ve Still Got Both My Nuts: A True Cancer Blog.” His companion blog reminds me a lot of the crazy mess my friend and I went through when she was diagnosed with cancer in her first year of grad school — a must for the young cancer patient.

Who Will Watch the COBRA?
Of course, I can’t end any link round up without some benchtop research 🙂 Ramunus of the excellent Cancer Genetics reports on a possible cofactor of the the infamous BRCA1, or COBRA1, for short.

That’s it for me, folks — have a great weekend!

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