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Sometimes watching is easier than reading when it comes to digesting the huge amount of information out there about cancer. Here’s a round-up of over 30 free video resources available on the internet about cancer:


Learn About Cancer

1. Your Cancer Today offers video interviews of physicians and researchers about several types of cancers, common treatment procedures, and breakthroughs in research.

2. Still learning all the medical terminology? Mayo Clinic has an excellent video entitled, “How Cancer Spreads,” which helps walk viewers through the cell biology of metastasis.

3. Tired of seeing all the cartoon depictions of cancer? Dr. Ann Chambers of the University of Ontario demonstrates several basic principles unique to cancer in actual growing cells in Cancer Caught on Video.

4. Watch the 2001 NOVA documentary “Cancer Warrior,” (previously discussed here) online.

5. Medical University of South Carolina has a library of videos available about a variety of different cancers and the technology that treats them.

6. WebMD extensive collection of high-quality videos covers not only different cancer types but intriguing topics like how cancer diagnoses can affect marriages.

7. Health Talk sponsors both audio and video resources about cancer.

Living with Cancer

8. Caring4Cancer wants patients to know that their not going through the battle alone — it offers interviews with celebrities diagnosed with cancer like Rudy Guiliani and Patti LaBelle.

9. Caring4Cancer also has a series of informational videos given by Cancer Nutrition Specialist Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD on the specific nutritional demands on patients undergoing certain treatments.

10. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for cancer to strike more than once in the same person. Here’s an animation sponsored by the National Institutes of Health outlining how it can happen.

11. Looking for practical advice about dealing with mortality? Healthline offers videos covering sensitive topics like anticipatory grief, grieving and going back to work, and dealing with drug resistance.

12. For more information about the best foods to eat after being diagnosed, check out The Cancer Project’s coverage of their Cancer and Nutrition Web Seminars.

13. Real people talk about their journey with cancer in Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center’s Clinical Trials: Hope for the Future.

14. Patients looking for a motivational boost can check out the American Cancer Society produced, “I Can Survive!

Cancer in the News

15. The BBC has both audio and video coverage of the latest in cancer research.

16. MD Anderson’s Cancer News Line program highlights research initiatives and patient programs on a quarterly basis. It covers an interesting variety of topics like inflammatory breast cancer, sleep disorders in cancer patients, finding solid cancer resources online, and the use of botox for speech restoration in head and neck cancer patients.

17. Heard that news story that came out recently about cancer-resistant blood ? LiveScience has a cool video up discussing the phenomenon.

Cancer Prevention

18. Hey, husky guys — ABC News has a video about why a few extra pounds may make it more difficult to detect cancer. (Interesting to note that the same reasons don’t apply to, um, voluptuous girls.)

19. Going in to the doctor for a cancer screen? Watch this video for tips on how to avoid a false positive result.

20. What if there was a secret to minimizing cancer risks — would you believe it?

21. Thought of a colon cancer screening scares you? The American Cancer Society aims to destigmatize this important test with this video.


22. Cancer Research UK has a video discussing a European approach to treating cancer.

23. My husband the research geek tends to say things like “Proteomics is the new Genomics” and actually know what that means. When he recently said that nanotechnology was the hot new buzzword in cancer research, I checked out this video by the National Cancer Institutes entitled, “Video Journey into Nanotechnology.”

24. For more about nanotechnology and cancer, see Cancer Smart Bomb, the LiveScience talk about nanotechnology.

25. The Kidney Cancer Association interviews Walter Stadler, MD about the importance of what people can do to help support kidney cancer research, but the video is applicable to all types of cancer.

26. Earlier, I discussed natural sources for chemotherapeutics. This video takes a hard look at how many drugs are actually derived from natural sources and asks the question, “Who owns the cure for cancer?

27. Want to know what cancer research money funds? Take a tour inside a lab.

28. In 2005, the American Association for Cancer Research sponsored the One World, One Quest Gala celebrating breakthroughs in cancer research. In this video, the guys in the white coats discuss how they came to be in cancer research and why they continue to dedicate their lives to finding cures.

29. In case Battling Cancer’s research section isn’t enough, you can turn to Science Daily for videos that bring current research stories to life.

30. How far have we gone in cancer research? The American Cancer Society takes a looks at sixty years in the fight against cancer.

Other Free Videos

31. The University of Chicago offers free copies of their video, At the Forefront of Cancer.

32. Did you know that African Americans are more at risk of developing certain types of cancer? Request this free video, Colon Cancer Puzzle, for more information.

If you found this video round-up helpful or if you find a broken link, please let me know in the comments! Also, don’t miss our upcoming content makeover,including regular features like Research Roundup, Living with Cancer, and Ask the Experts. Subscribe to our RSS feed!

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