I’m back…

December 4, 2007 by  
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…from a long weekend. We needed to get out of town to reconnect with old friends we left behind when we move back down here to Bicol.

And a break from online duties is what a blogger needs from time to time right?

So I had time of from work, from the internet…although I did check my email’s inbox from time to time from my mobile phone. Otherwise, I was internet free for four days — not that there wasn’t internet where I went, I just chose not to get online.

Bliss. Fun. Great break from the stress of my daily routine. Now I’m back to blog and realized that Christmas is just around the corner. Brrr.

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2 Responses to “I’m back…”
  1. Gloria says:

    yeah wonderful to reconnect with old friends. you know it has always been my dream to experience white Christmas. but then we’ll just have to make do with temperatures dropping to 20 degrees C. yeah that is cold to us. LOL!

  2. Welcome back 🙂 A break from stress .. sounds wonderful!

    We’ve been getting a lot of snowfall here in Winnipeg the past 2 weeks (1cm-5cm every day) making people remindful to do their Xmas shopping – and, drive like they’ve never been in a city that has snow. I thought I would “fake” a ‘my-car-is-in-for-a-tune-up’ day and got all my shopping done yesterday. Of course, it would have just been cheaper to just get a tuneup.

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