Getting Nude for Cancer: 10 Calendars that Seek to Raise Funds and Eyebrows

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Well, after all that yammering on about bringing stronger content to Battling Cancer yesterday, it looks like today I’m going to be talking about getting naked for charity.

Yesterday, I came across a story entitled “Cancer Research in Boxers: Italian Doctors Strip to Reveal Funding Shortfalls.” According to the Speigel Online, doctors, nurses, caretakers, and even the institution’s director at the Fondazione Pascale posed in their underwear in a 2008 calendar printed to bring attention to the lack of cancer research dollars in the southern part of Italy. Proceeds from the Pascal Foundation benefit the cancer association Lega per la lotta ai tumori. Getting naked may be a gimmick, but hey — it made me look!

The naked Italian doctors calendar is only available in Europe, but that didn’t stop me for looking for the perfect nude calendar to grace my kitchen wall. The following is a list of my 10 favorite calendars that seek to raise both cancer funds and eyebrows — order now in time for the new year’s!

1. The Original “Calendar Girls”: The Yorkshire Dales, chronicled in the 2003 movie “Calendar Girls,” bared it all to raise leukemia research funds in the name of cancer patient John Baker, the husband of Yorkshire Dale Angela Baker. Their remarkable success inspired a number of charities, including many of those listed below.

2. Inspiration from Survivors: The SHADE Foundation is a group dedicated to promoting sun protection and skin cancer awareness. Their 2008 Calendar features 13 pictures of skin cancer survivors including Miss Maryland, Brittany Lietz. For more information about the organization and to preview shots of the calendar, check out the SHADE Foundation website.

3. Athletic Nudes: Seattle photographer Pete Saloutus lost a close friend to breast cancer in 2001. When another friend, elite cyclist Lisa Lund, was also diagnosed in 2006, he felt inspired to do more. He debuted the Lisa & Friends calendar later that year, featuring women athletes. Proceeds go the Lisa Lund Foundation, a 5013(c) non-profit that supports breast cancer awareness. Check out Pete’s website for more details about the Lisa & Friends calendar.

4. All-Male Revue: North Carolina men whose lives have been affected by cancer posed nude (minus a few strategically placed props) to raise funds for the local Alamance Regional Medical Center, Duke University Medical Center and UNC-Hospitals, and the Prostate Cancer Coalition of NorthCarolina. Order the calendar at the Prostate Calendar Guys website.

5. Angel Survivors: The Seattle-based Angel Care Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to breast cancer awareness. Their 2008 fund-raising calendar features nude pictures of local breast cancer survivors, which you can order at their website.

6. Alcohol-induced Nakedness: The fun-loving members of the New York-based wine enthusiast group SWILL (Several Wine Imbibers Liking Libations), posed semi-nude in the forest to raise funds for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an education and awareness non-profit organization. Order your calendar on at the SWILL website.

7. Hot, sweaty men: Australian footballers get naked for a cause to support the McGrath Foundation, a group dedicated to increasing the placement of expert nurses in cancer facilities. These pictures — wow. I hope my husband’s not reading this right now.

8. Ride ’em, Cowgirl: The 2008 Cowgirls for Cancer calendar has already raised a considerable amount of money for Canada Breast Cancer Foundation. Turner Valley residents can check out the pictures which feature real cowgirls at their local Ginger Laurier, Sobey’s, Hallmark, The Mill Store, Cornerstone Chiropractic in Okotoks as well as Bar T 5 Trailers and Chuckwagon restaurants.

9. Well, that’s new: The McKenzie Morturary in Long Beach, California spearheaded the creation of the Men of Mortuaries calendar. While the calendar’s main purpose is to bring some excitement in this normally, um, quiet trade, the proceeds benefit the Long Beach cancer charity, KAMM Cares. Check out the pics of hot morticians at the Men of Mortuaries website.

10. No Calendar this year: A long-time favorite charity of Battling Cancer, Breast of Canada, will not be publishing calendars this year due to health problemssuffered by Sue Richards, the calendar’s designer. Readers are urged to please keep Sue in your thoughts and check out more of Breast of Canada at their website.

Well, that’s enough, uh, research for today. Let it be known that I will do anything for my readers.

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