Dreams Prevent and Cure Schizophrenia

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By Christina Sponias

Many people told me that my articles are depressing. However, I only say the truth. I’m not a marketer trying to sell plastic happiness in paper bags. I have to show you what is bad, so that you may understand what is really good.

The wise unconscious used the exact same method to gradually show me the truth about human nature. At one point, I started feeling disgusted for learning so much about terror, violence and hate.

However, it has to be this way because we are not used to examining the negative in depth; we avoid thinking about it. However, we must study what is negative, so that we may understand what is really positive among many things that appear to be good while in fact they are not.

I continued Carl Jung’s research through dream interpretation in the unknown region of the psyche. When I discovered the anti-conscience, I could not believe that I would survive after fighting this monster! It is another conscience inside our brain, a demoniac and evil conscience. It belongs to us, but we cannot see its content, while it can see the content of our conscience and interfere in our thoughts.

My battle against craziness was based on fighting negative thoughts, enduring unbearable sensations and feelings and always keeping myself occupied with many people, and praying. I worked all day in my mother and uncle’s store in the centre of Athens. I experienced many attacks from the wild conscience, but I concealed from everyone what was happening to me. I had to control my behavior, work and never give in.

I obeyed the directions I received from the wise and saintly unconscious in my dreams and in signs in my daily reality to a tee. I experienced craziness while keeping my human conscience alive, which has never been done before.

I even had to face hallucinations, observing that several images appeared in front of my eyes while they were wide open. When a person experiences a hallucination, it suddenly appears right in front of their eyes and they cannot help but look at the images that appear. I didn’t believe them because I knew they were hallucinations.

After 8 terrible months of such extraordinary experiences, I considered myself cured-the hallucinations, the horrible sensations and feelings and the strange, immoral and hatred-filled thoughts disappeared from my mind. I had won the battle!

However, I had many other fights ahead in my long, painful and dangerous path, fighting human craziness at the social level.

I had to explain to everyone what I learned and prove everything scientifically in my book.

I discovered that God is responsible for the wise unconscious that produces our dreams, and I found many other scientific proofs of His existence in biology and astronomy.

I studied in a Catholic school for 12 years, even though I lost my faith and became a complete atheist when I was 15 because I suffered a terrible car accident, where a dear friend died instantly. I lost my memory and movements. My recuperation was a miracle, but I was very angry with God because He didn’t save my friend. While everyone was telling me that I should thank God because He protected me I only hated Him because He didn’t protect Marina and I only wanted to commit suicide.

I didn’t do it because a friend showed me that it would be unfair. I had to live…

This tragic accident prepared me to face schizophrenia when I was 28 years old, after continuing the research that Jung abandoned because he was afraid of craziness.

I had to face what he didn’t, in order to see the entire truth and not only be able to interpret dreams better than my mentor, but also, to be able to prevent schizophrenia and cure any form of craziness much better than any psychiatrist of our time.

I showed you everything that is negative in order to protect you and in order to prepare you for the development of your personality.

Today, you can easily and safely learn everything that I had to learn facing so many dangers, because I can give you a map of the path and show you how you can avoid all the dangers and exactly where the treasure is, so that you may find it by yourself.

The treasure is the wisdom and the happiness you will discover after eliminating your wild side and completely developing your conscience through interpretation of dreams and signs in your daily reality.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.

Learn more at: www.booksirecommend.com

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