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I just recently came across a really great blog this week called Discussing Breast Cancer. Written by two-time breast cancer survivor Karen Lynch, it’s a funny, poignant, and honest look at living through the diagnosis. Here’s a few of my favorite posts from the last couple of weeks:

Cancer Doesn’t Wait until after the Holidays, Part I of III
First in a series of practical advice for cancer patients on why it may be advisable to “reframe” during the holidays.

Talking ’bout Food on the Radio
Karen is also co-host of the Inspire! Blog Talk Radio Program. Check it out when you get the chance!

Coordinating Care
Are the all the notes from doctor’s visits and treatment calendars overwhelming you? Karen takes a look at a few online resources to keep the paper tiger at bay.

My Audio Support
I’m a Jersey girl by birthright, so I was especially drawn to this story of how Jon Bon Jovi played a role in Karen’s cancer journey.

Definitely take a look at Discussing Breast Cancer — it’s essential reading for anyone who’s looking for a high quality cancer blog.

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