Typhoon “Mina” Changed Course

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Hello. I’m reporting back. Huge thanks to Hart for letting you guys know. Last night, the electricity here went back so we thought it is a sign of good news. We were like hawk watching the typhoon update on the internet. Last night typhoon Mina was stationary some 200 kms west off Catanduanes (Philippines) island. Which we do not excatly know if that is completely good — because stationary typhoons are gaining more strength.

And it was unusually calm night. You know, that calm before the storm, it’s really scary.

More scary for us because our house is far from secured, we have slowly built it and far from being furnished. After typhoon Milenyo last year, most of my blogging $ went to house building. The US$-PhP exchange last year was 56 that went down to 50 PhP to 1 $. Ask me how much is 1 US $ now? 42 PhP (pesos).


By the looks of it, we haven’t really completely recovered from typhoon Milenyo and now Mina was threatening us. Thank God it changed course this morning and is now moving North-West of Catanduanes – meaning it is not going to hit the Bicol region. Not that it is good that other regions will be hit. We really hope that will get out the Philippine vicinity and explode over the seas before it pester another country.

It maybe unheard of in other countries, but when Milenyo struck us last year, we didn’t have electricity for 4 months. 4 months! Imagine?! I needed to work in internet cafes running on electric generators. It as awful, not to mention expensive.

So, you really cannot blame me if got hugely scared because I didn’t want to go through all that. I do not know if I will still have the energy, I might be cursing each and every minute. Besides, I don’t want for this (see photo below) to go up like smoke. I would hate to start to square one.


Not that its’ all bright and shiny already, in fact it is still dark and gloomy and a bit windy. But all that matters is that there is electricity and I am online. 😉

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One Response to “Typhoon “Mina” Changed Course”
  1. Wow. I can’t even imagine 4 days without electricity .. yet alone 4 months! Let’s hope the typhoon simmers down in the middle of nowhere and hurts nobody else!

    Glad to have you back Gloria!

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