Therapies I’m Trying for Arthritic Pain

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I would have gone back to the beach yesterday and this morning, if not for the heavy rains that has kept me indoor these couple of days. I was just lucky the sun came out for a few hours that Saturday.

The benefits of the sand therapy I can already feel. There indeed was improvement. For a couple of weeks now, there is a reflexologist I sort of “commissioned” to do her thing every night.

Prior to reflexology, most often I cannot stand up after sitting for a while much less use my legs for walking. After a few steps my knees will buckle leaving me a heap on the floor. Somebody should carry me because my legs will become strength-less to carry me.

I totally understand that reflexology is not a prescription or a cure for anything. Rather, it is complementary treatment that in my case has helped a lot.

I am not a morning person, therefore taking walks in the morning is something I haven’t been able to do on a daily basis. But i will take extra effort to go to the beach early say two-three times a week.

Except for the Vitamin B-complex, I dropped the other two drugs prescribed to me. I reckon to be on diclofenac forever will have some adverse side effects. And the other one is giving me faster heart beats.

Efficascent oil is like my lotion these days — which is really nice to use during reflexology and just to rub over your knees and ankles before going to bed.

Some researchers claim that gold salts can ease that pain of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

What about you, what kind of home remedies you find beneficial against arthritis pain?

All of these (sand therapy, reflexology, efficascent oil, Vitamin B-complex + extra Vitamin C + Calcium with vitamin D) have given me better days.

That, on top of the two herbal concoction that my mother made: one for bathing, one for drinking. What it is made of I cannot even talk about… 😉

What about you? What ‘home remedies’ have you benefited from against arthritic pain?

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