Schizophrenia’s Cure

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By Christina Sponias

Of course you know that schizophrenia is a psychological disease that cannot be cured. However, since it was discovered that it is caused by the wild and primitive conscience inherent in the human psychic sphere, we can now eliminate its symptoms and completely cure the patients who suffer from schizophrenia if they agree to pass through the indispensable suffering for the recuperation of their sensibility.

The suffering is unbearable, but so are the symptoms of schizophrenia, especially hallucinations, emptiness in the mind, screeches in the ears, absurd and repetitive thoughts and unbearable sensations of complete loss of equilibrium.

If you are suffering from these symptoms, you require a lot of efforts to be cured; however, you can be cured if you stay strong and remember that you are fighting craziness.

Your resistance has to be very strong because all the symptoms you have are caused by your wild and evil conscience, which is very powerful and insistent. The symptoms of schizophrenia are in fact attacks of the evil anti-conscience that is destroying your human conscience completely and controlling your behaviour.

Since you are now aware that this evil side is attacking you, and you identify yourself with your human conscience that respects human values and moral rules, you have to fight against the monster that is destroying your human side, through your determination and strength.

That means that when you have hallucinations, you must patiently wait until they stop, without doing anything. You can perceive that you are being dominated by hallucinations because they simply cloud your eyes. You don’t close your eyes as when you sleep and dream, but you start seeing the fantasies that the evil anti-conscience projects when your eyes are wide open.

You can perceive the difference between these images and reality because the hallucinations have extravagant color and you play a passive role in the hallucinations. You observe several things that appear in front of your eyes, until you forget what you are doing.

Therefore, you must not look at these images and follow them. You must concentrate your mind in an object of your objective material life and look at it all the time, until the hallucinations stop. They stop at a certain point. If you are resistant and never follow them, they will disappear completely.

You must behave in the same way when you are dominated by any of the abovementioned symptoms.

These symptoms are indicative of the worst stage. Craziness is a process that starts from neurosis and hysteria, and ends up in psychosis and schizophrenia.

We better consider craziness in general rather than dividing it into multiple categories if we want to understand its mechanism, because it is exactly the same process, with several variations according to the level of domination of the anti-conscience in the human conscience.

You have an enemy you didn’t know: your own ancient conscience, that didn’t pass through the process of transformation that your human side has been through.

If you fight it, you are going to win for sure, because it is powerful only because it does not meet with any resistance to its attacks from the human conscience.

You have to be very strong and face everything with seriousness.

Dream interpretation can guide you through your psychotherapy, which however has to be based on your resistance. You must not follow the absurd thoughts and hallucinations; you must not do what your enemy wants you to. You have to beat the enemy for not allowing it to dominate you.

I recommend that you have somebody else’s help in dream interpretation and in the whole process of fighting against the domination of the anti-conscience. Later on you can continue alone, but right now you better have protection and company.

Never stay alone. You have to be always with at lest one person, but you better be always with many people.

Be part of groups; don’t stay isolated.

Other people will help you very much, but the most important is your own resistance against the attacks of the anti-conscience.

Through dream interpretation, you can learn how to be resistant and how to fight against craziness until you surely win this battle. Then you can completely recover your human conscience by recuperating your sensitivity if you eliminate your ego. The unconscious will give you directions in your dreams.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.

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